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June 22nd, 2005  
Originally Posted by Renegade
Atleast he should be in the mental institute
i thought he was guilty, and he should be punished somehow, that (^^)should be the minimum
June 22nd, 2005  
Should MJ have been found guilty?

Well only if the jury believed he was guilty and as they have get to hear all the evidence and we dont I will back their call on this one (even if I find it hard to believe).

Lets face it he is a very strange person who is with out a doubt a few cookies short of a picnic and my personal opinion is that he should be locked away for his own well being and the future well being of his kids but fortunately for many people in this world having a few screws loose doesnt make you a child molester.
June 22nd, 2005  
just one thing

if the accuser's mother has RIGHT HEART, will she allow her child to sleep with any adult,

just like when an 40year old male comes up and ask "can i sleep together with ur child tonight"???????

will u allow that to happen, especially that person is MJ, with a rumor of being a PEDO
June 22nd, 2005  
Originally Posted by The Other Guy
what, the umbrella guy?
I'm sorry I misunderstood I thought you told me to get a job Sorry.
July 5th, 2005  
i'm not sure about all charges should he be found guilty but at least on one or more i think he should have been
July 7th, 2005  
silent driller
Yup. I say he's queer as folk. Even if he didn't really do it, he's still a freakazoid Who needs to be kept away from small children, anyway.