tetvets View on Hillary

tetvets View on Hillary
April 22nd, 2015  

Topic: tetvets View on Hillary

tetvets View on Hillary
I've been a good citizen all my life paid my taxes fought a war never asked for no more than my due but I don't think I can take Hillary as President even though Obama has already shown that this Country can operate without a President , the lies the lack of honor that we are being subject too is too much , while I'm not so crazy that I would go to the UK or Denmark but maybe Brazil .
April 23rd, 2015  
MontyB's views on the US presidential race:

Don't give a flying rats arse.

Personally I doubt that there is a single honest politician of any ideology anywhere in the world so who gives a monkeys toss who gets elected as they will simply be the best liar of a bad bunch of corporate sponsored front men.

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