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View Poll Results :What Terrorist Orginization poses the largest threat to the International Community?
Al Qaeda 13 59.09%
Abu Sayyaf 0 0%
HAMAS (aka Islamic Resistance Movement) 4 18.18%
Hezbollah 1 4.55%
FARC 3 13.64%
17 November 0 0%
Japanese Red Army 1 4.55%
Other 0 0%
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June 16th, 2003  

Topic: Terrorism Poll

Please describe why you think what you do...
June 18th, 2003  
Im split between Al Qaeda and FARC. While Al Qaeda still retains a degree of readiness and lethality, it's mainly it's splinter groups that have carried out the recent bombings around the Arab world. And since no other Islamic group has a true "global reach", Im gonna have to go with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), and not because of there horrible activities inside Columbia, but because they control roughly 70% of the worlds cocaine shipments. Since drug related crime is huge throughout the world, I see it the FARC on a much more deadly level then other groups.
July 20th, 2003  
I voted for Hamas, because they are seen as heroes by much of the arabic world, (and I've had to listen to kids on my college campus describe them as freedom fighters, not that that means much, the jackasses support anything that counters our government) and they are probably the most destabilizing force in the middle east. Since the rest of the world is getting sucked into and divided over peace (or the lack thereof) in the middle east, I believe that the welfare of the world at large is most affected by this group.
July 31st, 2003  
Collage kids, when will they learn...
August 1st, 2003  
I'm guessing never, but don't lump us all in together, a lot of us aren't complete idiots (people may tell you different about myself, but just kick them in the balls and tell them to pipe down ), we just don't run around screaming at people and waving poster-board signs with asinine slogans on them, so people tend to notice us less.
August 20th, 2003  

Topic: Japanese Threat

I put my bid in for the Japanese Military...not because of any direct threat i sense but rather due to the flashpoints in the area which could be easily agitated by a remilitarized Japan. Technically Japan is prohibited by the Macarthur constitution in it's militaristic aims. You couldn't tell that to the Japanese however as they simply took their armies and tanks and placed the word 'police' down the side. Keeping it within bounds of legality. Some of you may have already heard but Japanese 'police' have been deployed to the middle east in 'back up' roles. Anyway it's not that i have anything against the Japanese at all but it makes me nervous just thinking about the US getting involved in any Asian theatre of operations again.
August 20th, 2003  
I dont think the west or the USA should be wrrying about the Japenese at the present state, they could be a power ally if a showdown ever came between US/North Korea or China/Taiwan.
August 26th, 2003  
I'm a little late on this one, but I do agree with you GuyontheRight.

Drugs are the worst plague in the world today!
October 6th, 2003  

Topic: Hmm

I dont know wich to choose..

I think I have to give it some thought before I answer the pull.. But the Islamic Resistence is quite big I guess..

Long time since I checked up about terrorism.. But Al Qaeda.. Should be gone soon.. If USA keeps up the good work..

My country (Sweden) is to freakin lazy to even poke a Al Qaeda member..

We are quite worthless.. Urgh.. Sweden is totally crap..

I should move.. Lol
October 6th, 2003  
Haha, it's always good to see people with your enthusiasm for patriotism