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View Poll Results :What Terrorist Orginization poses the largest threat to the International Community?
Al Qaeda 13 59.09%
Abu Sayyaf 0 0%
HAMAS (aka Islamic Resistance Movement) 4 18.18%
Hezbollah 1 4.55%
FARC 3 13.64%
17 November 0 0%
Japanese Red Army 1 4.55%
Other 0 0%
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Terrorism Poll
October 9th, 2003  

Topic: Re: Hmm

Terrorism Poll
Originally Posted by GhostWolfOfRussia
We are quite worthless.. Urgh.. Sweden is totally crap..
I should move.. Lol
We may have some space left here in Norway if you are interested?
Do you play Battlefield 1942??
Great new Sweden VS Norway mod coming soon: www.silentheroes.se 8)
October 15th, 2003  
Yeah, But look at us, You can't say we try to conquer and defeat.

Originally Posted by GuyontheRight
Haha, it's always good to see people with your enthusiasm for patriotism
So, Is it that strange I have this patriotism?

Sure I love Sweden, For the country itself, and the lanscapes, and the nature.

But for it's politics? No way! It's damn bullsh*t.

But as I dont work with anything yet, Cus of my sweet age. :P

And I get payed by Sweden for doing nothing.

I wont complain.. Lol

But, I am unable to work right now, So that is their only solution on solving my roblem..

Piece of crap to a country is what Sweden is.

That is truth!
October 15th, 2003  
Id very much like to hear of the political situastion in Sweeden. Im American, and aside from a select group of individuals(Bush being one of them) I hate what America has become politically.
Terrorism Poll
October 16th, 2003  
Oh.. You would?

Well.. This would take like ages..

Butyeah, I will send you a Message when I have wrote the whole situtation as how I view Sweden.

December 11th, 2003  

Topic: Terrorism Poll

I voted for Al Qaeda - even if the we (the US) and most of our allies are actively pursuing them, they have worldwide links and resources ($) which most of the others lack (not all though). However, I agree that the others are definitely threats and that any combination of them is extremely dangerous (God helps us if they ever really start working together).

Bottom line is that the leaders of these groups are all too willing to send their followers, of both sexes, against us (i.e. western nations and our allies) at any time - regardless of the casualties (notice that they stay safely in the backround).
December 12th, 2003  
I had to vote for HAMAS. I think if a group most likely them creates enough trouble in Israel that will be the spark needed for the next World War, but that's going into my conspiracy theory which no one wants to hear.
December 12th, 2003  
Roger that, check out my post awhile back in this thread.
December 12th, 2003  

News article on what HAMAS is doing politically in Israel. Very shocking.
February 8th, 2004  
Dont know which one to choose either, but i think the Al Qaeda is getting the most votes because the US is in Irag rite now.
February 8th, 2004  

Topic: Hezballah

Hezballah is the most dangoures. It causes frictions between Israel and Syria.If they continue they can cause war. They are a very large Org with tanks and artillery.