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Tanks will get bigger 3 12.50%
Tanks will stay about the same 7 29.17%
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April 5th, 2005  

The Name is Terminator ............. It's supposed to be a Tank Support Vehicle.

As far as I know, this tank is a demonstration item and is undergoing modifications.
Russia's new defense machine, the Terminator, marks new generation of Russian weaponry
03/16/2005 12:49

The capacity of the new tank support vehicle doubles the efficiency of six armored vehicles and 40 soldiers

The Russia army is taking a new military vehicle in the arsenal - the Terminator. Such a strange name has been given to the new tank support vehicle. At the end of 2004, when Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov was talking about new generations of the Russian arms that were planned to be added to the arsenal in 2005, he was talking about the Terminator too

April 5th, 2005  
It will probably stay the same size, just packed with twice as much technology.
April 5th, 2005  
I think the push for smaller wheeled tanks and APC started after Bosina and the Clinton era with the do more for less money mindset. But the LAV and the Strykers had their problems in Iraq, but with problem come solutions. While the Arbrams is the best tank ever made to do battle with other tanks, I think the days of large tank battle may be over. The Abrams stink simply because the are so big, they are a pain to transport, the guzzle a gallon a gas per mile, and while they are great for flat desert warfare the stink for tight urban warfare, mountains, forest, jungles, etc. I think you will eventually see well armored LAV and UAV or robotic type tanks. We need Smaller, something that can dump out of a C130 instead of the US begging other countries to use there ports and bases just to launch an attack.
April 5th, 2005  
The ontos actually had 6 106mm recoiless rifles mounted, I would love to see footage of all 6 being fired at once.
April 5th, 2005  
Originally Posted by pyromedic89
The ontos actually had 6 106mm recoiless rifles mounted, I would love to see footage of all 6 being fired at once.

some good info here too;

i've seen a pic of a Jeep in vietnam with 8 recoiless rifles fitted....god knows what it would be used for.....[/img]
April 6th, 2005  
Powerful and heavily armoured vehicles are still a necessary requirement in any warfare and we can't judge the future of combat by simply taking recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
April 6th, 2005  
I think they would get smaller, lighter, faster, more firepower, and more armored.
April 10th, 2005  
Mohmar Deathstrike

Topic: Re: Tanks should get bigger?

I want 2-barrelled Mammoth Tank madness!

Nah, tanks will probably stay the same size, if not become smaller.