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December 18th, 2008  
Pale Rider
Originally Posted by HokieMSG
It's more like 11 gallons from pressing the start button to having the engine ready to use on an M1. The US Army started putting APU's (Aux Power Unit) on the back of tanks to run the electronics while you are sitting in a fighting position. It puts out a lot less heat and uses a lot less fuel, otherwise the tank would have to restart the engine about every 10 - 15 minutes and run for about 20 to recharge.

It's difficult to determine the displacement on a turbine. The best comparison would have to be with HP. In terms of efficiency, Diesels win, in terms of power, turbines win.

If I were in charge I would use the turbine. This gives you a significant cushion in terms of reserve power. From the front an M1 series tank is much quieter than an M60.

It also doubles as a field heater, MRE heater and clothes dryer.

That is still a whole lotta fuel, have to agree with you on alot that you have just stated, also the technology is there to make a more fuel mizing turbine and hopefully we will see something soon.
December 19th, 2008  
It also doubles as a field heater, MRE heater and clothes dryer
So dose the diesel.

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