The Tank design thread

The Tank design thread
March 26th, 2010  

Topic: The Tank design thread

The Tank design thread
This is a thread where you can post your own tank ideas and include their specifications and comment on those of others, and if you have drawn the pictures of it, you can post those here too, or if you are trying to take a fictional tank and make statistics for it, post the picture of the tank here, lastly, if you are simply modifying an existing tank, post the existing tank's picture if you want to. And yes, I was not sure as to where this should have gone.

As a guide-line, try to state what era or level of technology your tank is meant for. You can also post APCs, IFVs, or other AFVs here if you want.

I'll start.

Name: Scorpion light tank.
Era: 2040-2060ish.
Mass: 30 tons.
Crew 5: Commander, Driver, Gunner, Radio operator, Repair man
Armor: Frontal; Carbon nanotube plating (150mm) Frontal turret; 200 mm, Side; 100mm Side turret; 125 mm. Top (both turret and hull); 100 mm, Bottom; 75mm
Main gun: 105mm high velocity Osmium APDS, can be changed out for a 10 megawatt laser, this requires an upgrade of the engine and increases weight by ten tons. Can also be upgraded with a 10 megawatt supercharged particle beam cannon.
Secondary armament: 1 7.62mm anti-aircraft machine gun, 1 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, 1 7.62mm hull machine gun.
Engine: 1,500 hp fuel cell
Power weight ratio: 50 hp/ton
Suspension: Torsion bar
Operational range: 500 miles per charge.
Speed: 120mph on roads, 80 mph off-road. Usually the governor restricts it's speed to 3/4ths this
Extra: This uses a three track design, one one the far rear, and the rest placed slightly forward relative to another tank track placement. Due to it's carbon nanotube construction, it is effectively immune to most HEAT rounds due to the material's extremely high vaporization temperatures.
Picture: Will come later.
March 29th, 2010  
-- Dusty
No photon torpedos? Man, that's just too lame.
March 29th, 2010  
I think his design is obsolete.
The Tank design thread

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