SWE ISAF in contact.

April 11th, 2011  

Topic: SWE ISAF in contact.

A SWE unit fighting their way through a longrange ambush in the area west of MeS.

Only cassualty is a pair of desert trousers wich got shot through.


Official release www.mil.se

KJ sends.
April 11th, 2011  
A Can of Man
Glad everyone made it out okay.
Great footage.
April 12th, 2011  
It's always interesting to see how the Nordic brothers cope

Nice video
April 19th, 2011  
One pair of trousers? OMG, the war is too expensive, this enemy is too tough, we have to retreat...

But honeslty, I dont understand why the Taliban fight in such conditions. They have no chance of success. Firing on an armored convoy with rifles? Or light machine guns? These guys where calmly returning fire on them. Once they know where the fire is coming from, all you hear is boom boom boom, until the firefight is over...

But if these Taliban get some fire and forget missiles, like the Javelin... Game over. No more convoys in the open like that.
April 19th, 2011  
Del Boy
Originally Posted by KJ
A SWE unit fighting their way through a longrange ambush in the area west of MeS.

Only cassualty is a pair of desert trousers wich got shot through
Nice one KJ.

Hopefully not friendly fire,
April 20th, 2011  
Well to adress a few of the questions..

No friendly fire this time Del Boy.. heh

The calm actions you see in the video is due to training and experience.
If they can shoot up someone,s pants they are obviously close enough to hurt them...
That shouldnīt be rocketscience even to someone that donīt understand what they see.
Furthermore.. I almost hope the Taleban get heavier and more bulky weaponsystems.
They got two things going for them right now and one of them is that they are light and mobile.
Take that away and there goes one of the two advantages they have over ISAF forces.
There are security meassures inplace to detect and destroy such threats.

All in all a well executed break of contact after damaging the enemy.
The Carl Gustav shot went right where it were supposed to go.
After the shot you can hear the squad CO saying "Good shot, Johansson!"

You can also hear some of the radiotraffic in the clip but I donīt want to translate it as I donīt think it is prudent to do so on an open board with regards to OPSEC.

KJ sends..
April 20th, 2011  
Del Boy
Points taken KJ; no intention of belittling the best display of what goes everyday in Afghanistan right now that I have seen. Puts the viewer right in there. My joke was inappropriate.

The video is great and the attitudes of these soldiers is absolutely brilliant. Very impressive.

The travel through the little inhabited area reminded me of working Egypt in 1953, but much more dangerous in this day and age of course. Liked the little friendly wave from one of the guys also.

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