Summer Camp Jodies

Summer Camp Jodies
August 17th, 2004  

Topic: Summer Camp Jodies

Summer Camp Jodies
Here's a few jodies I learned while at Summer Leadership Camp last week. And a motivation check or two.

Charlie, Charlie (A motivation check)

Flight Sergeant: Charlie, Charlie Parade rest!
Flight:*goes to parade rest**repeats*

FS: They all know that we're the best
F: *r*

FS: Charlie, Charlie Attention!
F: *to attention**r*

FS: They all know we're number one.
F: *r*

FS: Charlie, Charlie Face to the right!
F: *right face, repeat*

FS: Delta thinks that they can fight.
F: *r*

FS: Charlie, Charlie Turn around!
F: *About Face, repeat*

FS: Bravo doesn't matter they can go home now.
F: *r*

FS: Alpha thinks they're number one!
F: *r*

FS: But Charlie has all the fun.
F: *r*

FS: Charlie, Charlie, face me again!
F:*right face* Charlie, Charlie face you again!

FS: Everybody knows that we're gonna win!
F: *r*

FS: CHARLIE! (like "Hoo-ah")
F: *r*

That won us a couple motivation check competitions.

I can't remember any others now