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suggestions for a lowly cadet?
April 22nd, 2004  
suggestions for a lowly cadet?
army JROTC doesn't do PT regularly? in MCJROTC, we run for 3 miles every monday, wednesday, and friday. we have to do pull-ups, crunches, and bends and thrusts, too. it sucks, but man do you feel good afterwards. the final PFT is in 2 days...wish me luck!

anyway, the SMI and MI sort-of encourage us to use the cadence calls with curse words and stuff because it gets us more motivated. i only know one that an army kid could use that doesnt have curse words in it. hope it helps!

Me and Superman got in a fight
I hit him in the head with some Kryptonite
I hit him so hard I busted his brain
And now I'm dating Lois Lane
Well, me and Batman, we had one too
I hit him in the head with my left shoe
Right in the temple with my left heel
And now I'm driving the Batmobile"

ps: this is probably my all-time favorite cadence call:

"Private Pile was a fat Marine.
The fattest one DI'd ever seen.
The DI would always scream and shout.
Why does your belly hang so far out.
PT, PT all damn day.
So that belly will stop that sway.
Push ups, sit ups, hit the grass.
Private Pile move that ASS(with emphasis)!
Private Pile we won't stop.
Till that weight starts to drop.
Keep it up, keep it up, we want more.
So you can join our beloved corps.
Teamwork changed him from a lazy dud.
Now he is a PT stud."
April 22nd, 2004  
I have a couple jodies you might be able to use.


C-130 rolling down the strip
64 rangers on a one-way trip

Mission top secret destination unknown
They don't know if thier ever coming home

When my plane gets up so high
Airborne daddies gonna dance in the sky

Hook up, Stand up, shuffle to the door
Jump right out and count to four

If my main don't open wide
then i got a reserve by my side

and if that chute don't blossum round
then I'll be the first one on the ground

If I die in the old drop zone
Box me up and ship me home

Pin my Medals upon my chest
and tell my mom I did my best

This one i came up with myself

"Fat Boy"

Fat boy, Fat boy where ya been
Been to McDonalds and back again

Fat boy, Fat boy how'd ya go
Dragging my fat ass(butt) really slow

Fat boy, Fat boy what did you see
Saw my big fat gut down around my knees

Fat boy, Fat boy what'd you do
I ordered lots and lots of food

Fat boy, Fat boy how'd ya get back
In an ambulence after my heart attack

Sinceraly, c/TSgt Warren, 1stSgt, 005 Sqadron, CAP[/quote]
May 3rd, 2004  

Topic: laid back

My SAI and AI are very loose about curse words in my Army JROTC. The Colonel (SAI) cusses like a dog and doesn't care if we do! From POOF! to PUFF!, anything goes!!! The Sgt (AI) is a little more strict than him, but he really doesn't care all that much. Dude, I DO feel sorry for you!!

Mod edit: Well here WE are not quite so loose with foul language (not saying you won't see it, but we do not encourage it).
suggestions for a lowly cadet?
May 8th, 2004  
be original and make up your own or better yet just start singing some black sabbath with a few word changes!
May 15th, 2004  
Hey thought of another one for you! (4 mile runs at 0515 give time for lots of jodies...)

<<repeat every line>>
PAIN! (this is said with a punch, think command of execution)
In my legs.
In my legs.
But we don't care
We like it there.

(you can continue with other body parts: head, arms, feet)
May 15th, 2004  
here's one, but i doubt that high school rotc daddy will let you use it. just say "there's no swearing in it!"

i went to the mall,
where all the kiddies shop,
pulled out my machete,
and i began to chop!

singing, left right left right left right KILL!
left right left right think i will

i went to the playground,
where all the kiddies play,
pulled out my SAW,
and i began to spray!

left right left right left right kill
left right left right paratrooper drill

i went to the pool,
where all the kiddies dive,
pulled out CS gas,
and laughed as they cried,

LRLR think i will.

try it out, i was a cadet at college before i got deployed, and the pt leader didn't mind that one, they actually started cracking up. push the envelope, the worst thing they can do is yell at you or make you do pushups, or tell you to stop. no one is going to criticise you for taking initiave.
May 18th, 2004  

I actually graduated from SLHS last year as the Battalion S6. Ask some of the older cadets about me. They'll remember. Unfortunately, I got DQ'ed from comissioning into the Army because of my eyesight. Oh well.

Anyways, we used to have to pick and choose our cadences very carefully, as not to piss off ol' SGM. Unfortunately, I can't remember any of the censored ones right now, because we never got a chance to do them. Oh well. I can't believe SGM actually yells at you for "party hardy". That's crap.