Stuff from your formative years!

Stuff from your formative years!
December 11th, 2012  

Topic: Stuff from your formative years!

Stuff from your formative years!
Hi all,

New idea for a thread.

Basically, we all post stories, or pictures, or whatever, all about our formative years.

Anyway, I'll start.

I can remember once, I broke my father's nose. I was about... four. We were sitting on the sofa one night, watching telly, and Dad was stretching on his back on the floor. I've got a feeling we were wrestling, too. And I got up onto the arm of the sofa, which isn't very high - maybe a foot and a half.

"Daddy, Daddy! Look at me!"
"No Jack, no, no!" As I performed a diving knee drop that any professional would be proud of. Unfortunately, I scored a direct hit on his nose, it broke and bled profusely. I was sent to my room.

I thought it was the funniest thing in the world at the time. Him - not so much.

Anyway, have at 'er!
December 11th, 2012  
I would roughhouse with my daughter...... she liked Teenage Ninja Turtles and would always act like she was going to Kung-Fu me........

one halloween she wanted to be a devil...... so she was and had the plastic pitchfork.

The fork was long lost but she kept the shaft...

one day I was doing dishes, just looking out the kitchen window when WHAM!!

she just thought that was so funny that she got her o'dad... it didn't hurt as it was a plastic shaft and bent when she *kung-fu'ed* me but I did have to tell her she just couldn't go around kung-fu'ing folks.......... she could hurt one of her friends.. it was funny what she did however considering how we used to play.

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