Strangest Google-dance ever... !???

June 3rd, 2003  

Topic: Strangest Google-dance ever... !???


What's happening to google????
try to search for "military quotes" on google...

The site on the Nr. 1 spot is the old URL of this site, it does not have any content at all. (haven't used it since december 2002)
Nr. 3 is the cafepress shop.
And the first page from is on Nr. 4. And it's not even the index page of the site.
The index page hase been on the Nr. 1 spot for 5-6 months now, and now it has suddenly dissapeared. I have lost most of my backlinks on google, and the site has not been crawled/updated by the googlebot...

According to some sources google is updating their algorythm now, incorporating new spam filtering, ranking and pagerank calculations.
And that google is actually still dancing, and will be fully updated by mid June.. (an over 1 month long dance!)

Hope that this is right, and that google is not breaking down...
60-70% of all visitors to this site has found it on google..
(visitors is down to 700-800 pr day now, compared to 1000-1200 before the dance begun)
June 3rd, 2003  
None of the pages Ive recently made and either linked through or sent directly to google have appeared yet on their search.