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October 28th, 2011  
wayword son
Originally Posted by godofthunder9010
The fact that Israel factored urban combat into the design is huge. MBT's are not very effective in cities. Additionally, everything you would need to factor in for Urban comes out being awfully useful in forests and rough terrain. Low profile and the ability to smash through obstacles if need be ... etc. The low profile also means the Merkava has a low center of gravity which makes it harder to flip over.

Can anyone think of a terrain type that the Merkava would perform poorly on? You might have to redesign things slightly for cold weather and wet terrain, but I don't see a problem that would limit the Merkava once those concerns are accounted for. Anyone think of a situation where some other MBT is vastly superior to the Merkava??
i would assume operating in an active lava flow, deep water, or a swamp would present some difficulty,

compared to the merkava mk-4, i think the Abrams is vastly superior in age, and ir signature, the K-2 black panther is vastly superior in price, the chieftain is superior in weight. (but the closest thing to supernaturally invulnerable of any tank i mention). the leopard is superior in speed, and in overseas sales contracts.

other than that. i think most of the tanks are fairly close matches, and the advantage in any conflict would come down to the excellence of the tanks crew, and the military organization that supports them.

as far as the t-72 to 90 tanks and there variants, decidedly inferior in protection. seems the designers made a big mistake when a series of wars pointed out how nicely they blow up' they merely started hanging things on the outside of the tank, rather than securing the main gun ammo inside the tank from catastrophe, then hanging stuff on the outside of the tank.

PS. there is one afv that will do 60mph on a road 35-45 mph cross country, that would be the M-18 hellcat of wwii, although it is a streatch to call the hellcat an armored vehicle