Spitfires buried in Burma in WW2 recovered - Page 6

October 4th, 2014  
I remember seeing news reel footage of Spitfires being dumped in the sea of the coast of Malaya when they were replaced by jet fighters
October 12th, 2014  
thats really disapointing, if only we could go back, hindsight eh...
1 Week Ago  
oz codger
There is a pic of a claimed 400 Spitfires at the old WW2 strip at Oakey in South Queensland. Said to have been melteddown and used in industry.
Also many Corsairs etc, maybe ex NZAF or ex USAAF.
1 Week Ago  
There are a lot of pictures of RNZAF Mosquitos being cut up for firewood after the war, now we spend millions to remake them.

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