The Soviet giant

July 2nd, 2016  

Topic: The Soviet giant

I share with you some pictures of the impressive K-7 aircraft designed in the Soviet Union in the interwar period as heavy bomber but did not go into production. Visit the link below, see the collection of pictures and leave there your opinion or comment: Do you think the K-7 would succeed in his mission as a bomber?

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July 2nd, 2016  
Remington 1858
I've seen photos of this giant aircraft several times. There has even been a cut-away published showing it's interior to include a propaganda printing press in it's own compartment.
I would be surprised if the thing ever flew.
I think the photographs of it in flight are doctored, like those Soviet photographs where people appear or disappear based on the prevailing politics.
I doubt that they had the engines that could lift it, the technology to control the engines or the technology to manage the massive flight control surfaces.
I personally believe it was a propaganda exercise and a good one too! Even today a lot of people accept it as real.

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