SOCOM Wants Iron-Man Suits for the A Teams

SOCOM Wants Iron-Man Suits for the A Teams
June 12th, 2013  

Topic: SOCOM Wants Iron-Man Suits for the A Teams

SOCOM Wants Iron-Man Suits for the A Teams
While most military requirements are derived from requests coming from the field, sometime troops would like to get stuff they have learned to play with in video games like this Ghost Recon and see on science fiction movies. Illustration: Tom Clancy Ghost Recon
The US Special Operations Command is looking for revolutionary new gear assisting troops in exceeding human performance in combat. The idea sounds similar to a science fiction tale, but if the command will be successful in its quest this time it may be real. The command has posted a request for information (RFI) to government research centers, academy and industry, to provide information that could contribute to the evolution of the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, or TALOS. Defense-Update reports.

The kit will be applied as part of a futuristic uniform suit, using powered exoskeleton providing the wearer superhuman strength or ultra protection with full-body ballistic armor. Using wide-area networking, wearable computers and antennae, operators will have more situational awareness, through bionic visual and aural sensing. Other technologies that could be implemented include non-visual means of information display, including the utilization of cognitive thoughts and immersive displays depicting personalized information over the surrounding environment. health and medical monitoring features could employ embedded monitoring, oxygen supply systems, wound stasis and electromechanical compensation. Thermal and Energy generation and management are also likely to be explored.
November 8th, 2013  
Imagine how much that's going to cost. They have already been working on ballistic armor for other body parts such as the face. This didn't really work as it was heavy and in the case of a direct hit, the wearer would have a ballistic mask pressed deep enough into his face to kill him.

Another problem with this is the fact that many military organizations now days are trying to gain the trust of the citizens and so this could become difficult if they all look like evil robots.

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