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March 19th, 2014  
I agree I think the answer is to remove the power of veto altogether and increase the size of the security council based on a rotating membership of continental groups (Asia/Oceania/Europe etc) and in order to balance the whole thing (That checks and balances thing) any decision of the SC can be overridden by two thirds majority in the General Assembly.
March 19th, 2014  
It has become to big with to many vested interest to be an effective force
March 19th, 2014  
Originally Posted by LeEnfield
It has become to big with to many vested interest to be an effective force
Too many vested interests I would suggest that you only have 5 vested interests and in reality you can narrow that down to 3 interests, Russia, China and USA and the answer to this problem is to remove veto rights from all of them which means they have to validate their arguments rather than rely on the veto of a client country.
Currently we have a system where we can't sort out Syria and Crimea because the Russians wont let anyone do anything, we cant sort out the Israel/Palestine thing because the USA veto's everything, hell we probably could have avoided the Iraq mess altogether.

I also suggest creating regional zones (Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa etc.) which put forward 1-5 member countries (depending on the number of countries in the zone) on a two year rotational basis to an expanded security council of say 50 seats (25% of the General Assembly).

It can then make decisions without the threat of veto and if there is an issue with the decision they make then a two thirds majority of the General Assembly can over ride it.

Will this cause issues sure it will I imagine the 5 countries with veto at the moment would argue that it means the end to their power but in reality it means that instead of riding rough shod over the UN they will have to get support for their demands and actually resort to diplomacy which is what the UN is there for.
March 23rd, 2014  
Remember all the good things the UN did. For example, Sierra Leonne in 2000
March 24th, 2014  
And stood by in Rwanda and watched people get slaughtered.

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