Should there be a Smoking Ban in Bars & Restaurants?

View Poll Results :Should there be a Smoking Ban in Bars & Restaurants?
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Should there be a Smoking Ban in Bars & Restaurants?
September 25th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country

Topic: Should there be a Smoking Ban in Bars & Restaurants?

Should there be a Smoking Ban in Bars & Restaurants?
I am not sure about other countries, but there is a growing movement to Ban smoking in all public buildings here in the US. On 1 JAN, Maine, who already banned smoking in restaurants, banned smoking in bars and clubs too. I monitored the political fight with great interest to hear both sides of the issue.


I use to think that smoking was ok in bars. Everywhere I went there was smoking so I was use to it. After being in a smoke free bar in Maine, I changed my mind. It was nice to go into a bar and not have to deal with cigarette smoke.

Bar owners will cry that they will lose business over the issue. At the Maine, New Hampshire border, that is a problem. It is less of a problem where I am from. In the beginning there was a dip in business, but the only place for people to really drink and socialize is in a bar. So the smokers eventually came back. Also, some bar owners created an outdoor patio where people could happily smoke.

I am sure a lot of non smokers will agree with me. Let's see if there are any smokers on the forum.
September 25th, 2004  
Their are trying to do this here, too. But I am completely against it. I would favour a solution with smokers/non-smokers areas.
September 25th, 2004  
Lil Hulk 1988
I lived in Madison Wisconsin for 7 years, all restaurants went to nonsmoking by ordnance, now they are trying the bars too. This ludicrous, I agree that the restaurants should accommodate nonsmokers with nonsmoking sections, but it SHOULD NOT be banned. And this is from a nonsmoker.
Should there be a Smoking Ban in Bars & Restaurants?
September 26th, 2004  
I think it should be up[ to each individual bar/restaurant owner or manager. I think that tryin to pass a law is a waste of time. There are other things that need to be worried about other than the fact that a someone is lightin up while you are havin a beer.
September 27th, 2004  
A Can of Man
I think it should really depend on the restuarant. Even though I am a non smoker, I really cannot imagine a bar without cigarettes.
But personally I don't think smoking has a place in a regular indoor restaurant.
September 28th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
This news article has to deal with smoking in California prisons. Check it out!!!

Schwarzenegger bans smoking in prisons

SACRAMENTO, California (Reuters) -- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who set up a tent outside his smoke-free state office to accommodate his taste for a good cigar, signed a bill Monday barring tobacco from state prisons.

The measure amends the state's penal code to bar tobacco products from prisons and youth correctional facilities. Violators are subject to a fine.

Supporters say the changes will help save the state money on health care and improve the health of 160,000 state inmates. Some parts of California's criminal justice system such as county jails have already banned smoking.

The state generated about $1 million in tobacco taxes and $370,000 in sales taxes by selling tobacco products to inmates last year.

Bill sponsor Tim Leslie, a Republican assemblyman, estimates that about half of California prisoners smoke, costing $280 million in related health care costs.
September 28th, 2004  

Topic: Smoking

The first law which regulated smoking at public places in Norway requested two separate zones, one for smokers and one for non smokers, with an appropriate ventilation system installed (guess this was back in 1996 or 1997). The smokers lounge should be placed in the far end of the room for obvious reasons separated by wall and/or door.

This worked fine for a few years until this summer when all indoor smoking was banned at cafeterias, resturants, pubs and discos, etc etc, mainly due to the working enviroment of the employees and their health. All smokers are now forced to the streets and during the summer no problems have occoured so far to my knowledge.

The resturant, bar - whatsoever - will be fined and face legal actions if the owners break the smoking regulations so at least they want to avoid any problems with the authorities, however this works fine during the summer time but I guess there will be some moaning when the smokers are forced outdoor in -25 degrees and gale wind force in Northern Norway for a cig to go with the beer....

However, some bar owners have twisted the legislation and have created outdoor serving 365 days a year with heat sources and sheltering of their outdoor area... It is just a question of the authorities accepting these solutions, but I guess as with most things they find a gap in the law and stop any solution...

No one can deny smoking is bad for your health, but in the end of the day I don't think going panic on the issue is a good idea...
September 28th, 2004  
Airborne Eagle

I do not thing the government should tell a privately run business it must ban smoking. Smoking and tobacco products are legal and legally used.

Public forums? Okay.

But I can choose not to go to bars. I can enjoy frosty beverages at home, smoke free, and the bar owners are denied my money.

If a non-smoking bar opens, it would be my bar of preference for certian things (friends night out, games).
September 28th, 2004  
It would nice to go partying without coming home with the smell of smoke clinging on me, but it should the the owner's choice not the gov's
September 29th, 2004  
I used to think that a smoke free bar would lose business - however, there is one in my home town - it has been this way for a number of years now - and - still in business. I have given up smoking and, whilst I can enjoy my beer and not worry about starting to smoke (again), I would prefer not to come home smelling like an old ashtray. Yeah - I think that smoking in Bars and Restaurants should be curtailed - if only for the health of the people that work in these establishments (IMHO - you understand).