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no 15 50.00%
not sure 2 6.67%
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November 5th, 2004  
Well I had this same discussion in 8th grade with my teacher (Social Studies) I was for it (As I am not born here myself). My argument was that ALL men were created equal and All citizens have the same rights no mater of race,sex,religion,or authenticity. Her argument was although it should be judged unconstitutional it will never change
November 5th, 2004  
A Can of Man
I wrote a paper on him in high school. From what I saw, this man is a conservative down to the bone. He just needs to be a bit left leaning in California because he has to work together with the Democrats there.
He is a man who knows how to compromise and work with both sides of the spectrum. This is why I believe he'll make a great president.
Remember he worked for George Bush Senior and was I think secretary of public health and fitness (or something like that). When Clinton took over, Schwarzenegger left his post.

Originally Posted by Dameon
First before we talk about rather he should be allowed for the presidency, we should let him choose what party he belongs too, he calims to be Republican yet he married a kennedy and he is passing Democrat laws.

Plus if we allowed foriuegn people to be our President it would just makie for a bigger problem and allow some crazy nation to come in ana d take us over