Should John Kerry Concede Defeat?

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November 3rd, 2004  

Topic: Should John Kerry Concede Defeat?

Currently, the best hope of victory remaining to Democratic Presidential Candiate, John Kerry is not a very strong one.

From a Republican's perspecitve, the Democrats are seeking to just 'piss, moan and whine about losing.' Sore losers, crybabies, etc.

From the perspective of a Democrat? "Ensure that every vote is counted!" The problem is, we're talking about Provisional Votes here. What that means is that somebody showed up in the wrong voting location (and they definitely had every opportunity of knowing in advance where they were supposed to show up to vote), and voting despite no sure verification of them being registered to vote ... or even having any right to vote at all. What does all that mean? Potentially, we're talking about votes cast by Superman, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse by people who are simply in it for a laugh. We're also talking about a lot of people who honestly didn't know where they were supposed to be that just showed up and voted. Many likely forgot to register to vote. Some may not even be citizens of the United States. On top of that, we're talking about a very high likelihood of a large portion of them being fraudulent double-votings -- the person already showed up and voted where they were supposed to. So Provisional Votes are highly questionable. On top of all the uncertainties, the number of provisional ballots is 250,000 maximum. Kerry trails by 140,000 and would have to make an absolute killing in the provisional ballots to win Ohio.

How healthy is this for the Democratic Party? Personally, I think its going to make them look very bad. Last election, Gore won the popular vote by approximately 500,000 ... a drop in the bucket on the overall total, but its still a strong point in their favor last election. A tiny majority is still a majority. This go around, there is no such thing. Currently, George W Bush leads by a margin of 3,750,718 in the popular vote as of this moment and that lead is probably only going to increase from here. The real question in my mind: How good is this for America? Why is Kerry and the Democratic Party so willing to drag us through all of this again when their case is a lot weaker this time?
November 3rd, 2004  
kerry make it clear that every vote would count...well every vote has counted and thus far it is looking grim...he should concede not because he got blown away or anything but His brother already said that kerry was just doing ok and he wasn't sure of the win and if that is the case and you already know you need a miracle to win let bush have it so the US doesn't look like an ass about recounting and getting all the friggin lawyers involved. It is a shame that even a simple task like counting has to involve lawyers