Shameless plugging of my web-page

March 17th, 2004  

Topic: Shameless plugging of my web-page

I have a page at
I hope you'll take a look. There's a link on it to some of my pictures too, and a place called Mae's Place. I'm Mae. Named for Mae West, because she has some of the best darned sexy quotes I've ever heard.
If you have anycritiques of the web-page, I'd sure love to hear them. Always trying to get better.
March 18th, 2004  
Nice web site
April 2nd, 2004  
Updated web-page yesterday, and new pictures in Family Militery section of the picture link.
April 29th, 2004  
What a GREAT page Janie!! Has your brother seen it?

I really liked the links you gave too.
April 30th, 2004  
No, Arabess. My brother died in Viet Nam. I'm sure he knows what I'm doing though! Thank you for going to the page, and for the compliments.