A Serious IP Address Question - Page 2

September 7th, 2008  
As it's already been said above, he's BSing you big time..

I have a site myself that geolocates your IP address, but it's not possible at all to pinpoint where you are, and most of the time you just get the general area where that IP belongs to (within several miles).

This page tracks your own IP, and gives you some more info about your computer

And this page can geolocate other IPs and give you some more info about them:

Originally Posted by senojekips
To see for yourself, go to http://www.cmyip.com/

Copy your IP and go to http://www.geobytes.com/ipLocator.htm
It's good to see that at least those two sites are no competition at all for my site listed above.
Both of them tells me that I'm over 500km away from my real location..
September 8th, 2008  
Also, if you're going to be visiting shady websites you can use proxy servers yourself to hide your real IP address. There are both paid and free/public ones. When you're visiting a website through a proxy server, it takes the requests you send and echoes them to their destination, so the destination thinks you and the proxy server are one and the same. This adds and additional layer of security as it masks your real IP, ISP, and approximate area as well. Proxy servers are available throughout the world. If you choose one in Beijing and visit the said website, for example, they'll think you're from China.

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