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December 25th, 2005  
Chief Bones
Gofers down through the ages have been the butt of jokes.

From the days of the Roman Legions of yesteryear to the legions of Boy Scouts of today, from the first sailors to set out to conquer the world with Eric the Red to the Nuclear Sailors of yesterday - all ages and all times have seen the spectre of the unsuspecting "newbie" being set up for the "grand joke" or gag.

The jokesters of today think they invented the "board stretcher", "sky hooks", "box of short circuits", "left handed wrenches", "smoke shredders", etc. etc. etc.

The first board stretcher gag was probably pulled on some new unsuspecting member of the "Order of the Carpenters Lodge" during the time of Christ.

Sky hooks requisitions were first used on deck hands on the very first aircraft carrier in the US Fleet (USS Langley CV-1). The Deck Supervisor sent the "newby" (usually a new deck hand) to the Air Boss with the information that the Sky Hook Assembly was broken and a "Flash" message needed to be sent to the home fleet headquarters with an "Expedite" priority for the new Sky Hook. [Of course the Air Boss would go along with the gag if he was in a good mood, but most of the time the Air Boss was usually as ornery as an old dog with a tooth ache].

The first radio receiver technician and the first radio transmitter technician or the first Morse Code Operator probably pulled the box of short circuits gag on the supply clerk and were told that their requisition wasn't on the proper form. I'll bet he sent the technician/operator to the Supply Officer to get a "Special Action Repair Part requisition message form (SARP RP-Message form). [Never any such form].

As far as the "left handed wrench", this one continues to backfire on the person/persons pulling the gag. [There have been special left handed wrenches around since the first time someone needed to be able to reach around a housing and needed a special wrench. That wrench was the left handed wrench].

NOTE: There is also a special right handed wrench so don't bet on this one either.
(and) Smoke Shredders were used to try to break up the smoke of ships at sea when coal was used to fuel ships during wartime.

SOOOOO - All of you jokesters out there, be careful when you set up your gag. The gag may just be on you.

As far as Navy gags are concerned I've heard most of them and I doubt you can come up with one I haven't heard or seen pulled on some unsuspecting slob.

If you can get some of the other "Chiefs" that are members to talk about some of the Chief Initiation gags that have been pulled on Chief Selectees you could write a "Gagster's Bible".
December 26th, 2005  
Navy Boy
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but isnt rotc made up of noobs?
Sometimes they are and sometimes their not.
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