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January 11th, 2005  
Thank you everyone.

I was pretty sure that second thoughts were perfectly normal and that no sane man (or woman) wouldn't have them but seeing other people say it really helped ro reinforce it. Part of the problem though is that a lot of people keep walking up to me and asking when I leave and if I am getting nervous about it, I try not to think about it, I want to enjoy my senior year of High School and not worry about what happens after that, but when people keep forcing the subject on me it is kind of hard not to think about it. I am a little scared about Basic, but not fear of death because I know that the Drill Seargents job is to try and get as many recruits through and the last thing they want is a recruit dying on them. But rather a fear of the unknown, I have never done anything remotely similar to basic so the thinking about it is like looking into a box with no light entering and wondering what is inside.

Your words of encouragement have helped greatly, thank you all.
January 11th, 2005  

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SOD's law (murphy's) precides that what you don't wanna happen will and vice versa................................

Hun your get used to it. Onceyou settle in basic and find other people are feeling like you your relax. I found that during basic the bonding that went on was very deep and its something that will saty with you. Any advice you are given whilst your in, it be good to take it and keep it in mind. Remember even some one thats been in a yr longer than you will be knowledgeable.....unless you get a prat!!!.............people are there to help and your soon work out who are the bad apples.

But remember everything takes time.........and good luck hun xxxx