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August 18th, 2007  
A Can of Man

Topic: Scenarios etc.

Hey guys, like I've been posting here I've been making a campaign/mission mod for the classic Ghost Recon: Desert Siege.
Basically the combination of the green terrain maps and the desert terrain maps has come to make me conclude that this is perhaps ideal for an "Iran" campaign which I've been altering the current mission story to fit.
I got some good missions so far.
There's one where you defend the American club full of hiding expats (embassy maps), defend a US Army camp in the middle of nowhere, patrol a city street looking for snipers, capture and hold a bridge (2 consecutive missions ... much like A Bridge Too Far), and currently working on a script monster: checkpoint. Where you and your guys stand at a checkpoint and inspect incoming traffic which include civilian traffic, refugees on foot and of course lots and lots of terrorists and incoming mortar fire (SCRIPTING MONSTER).
Anyways if any of you have a suggestion for a mission who knows?
Remember: it's Iran.

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