Santa Claus

July 9th, 2004  

Topic: Santa Claus

It's day 4 of a hard and cold week in the field.
Me and my buddy are standing in our hole, just looking in the field...for something supicious. And then, @ about 100 metres away, a man/woman walks there in the fog. It comes closer an closer. I yell; HALT! WIE DAAR! (translation; STOP! Who's There!)

-Santa Claus is here.

(We are like, what the F*ck )

My buddy climbed out of the hole, and layed down behind a tree, aiming on santa's heart. I Yelled; TREED NADER! (Come closer)

-*santa came closer

I whispered; ALPHA

-Whisky (correct password response)

So we lowered our guns, let him in...and he gave us some nice candy.

Thnx SupplyBattalion for that joke
July 10th, 2004  
I guess it would not have been so funny if you shot Santa! Explain THAT to your kids!
July 10th, 2004  
C/2nd Lt Robot
Umm kids I have some bad news. (pause) The reason for why you didnt get presents this yr is because (longer pause) I... shot... Santa .

May 4th, 2007  
Team Infidel
March 27th, 2009  
March 28th, 2009  
Hahaha! Nice!