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February 26th, 2005  
Well, it's here now (AIDS) and there is no fixing it because of the ability of the virus to become resistant to any cure by changing to a different strain, sometimes more deadly. I am very sad when I read of cases caused from blood transfusions, something we have to have, or large numbers of births with HIV positive babies. They're not homosexual, yet they are dying as a direct result of the disease started and spread by homosexuals. I believe that a person does not choose the gay lifestyle in most cases. They are not mentally ill either. Gays cannot be shipped off to a gulag to stop the disease. I don't care for granting the privilege of sanctifying a union by marriage between them either. It says "we accept your deviant lifestyle". Remember, you who have written about religion and marriage being inseparable, scripture says to hate the sin but love the sinner. Christ also told the adulterous woman to "go and sin no more". I'm not very religious so I will have to say that that as a society, we have to send the message that what you're doing is not acceptable because it could very well mean the end of civilization. If HIV ever morphs to an airborne strain, we've all had it. If there is any way of discouraging CIVIL or religious unions, then we are saying as mankind, we don't approve of that lifestyle. Once again, the first known Human case was a man who died in 1959. We didn't hear much more about it because no one knew what it was, after all that was in the Congo and couldn't affect us. Now, look how far we have progressed.