For sale - polish army knife, polish sapper knife, books about polish army patches

April 3rd, 2009  

Topic: For sale - polish army knife, polish sapper knife, books about polish army patches


I have to sell:
1. one polish army knife WZ 98N - one of the best polish army knifes made by famous Gerlach/Sanitas. This non-blackened knife is a version for scouting and survival. Handle is covered with rubber, and could be used as hammer. In the handle is steely sleeve to store some important things. Scabbard is entangled with black rope. Knife is sold with scabbard.
Condition: knife is new.

The price for wz98 is 85 USD (shipping included).
2. polish army sapper knife type 4. on the blade "Gerlach stainless" Condition: used, this knife was sharpened (has markings of sharpening)
Lenght: 23 cm, blade: 10,5 cm
The price for sapper knife: 45 USD (shipping included)
3. Five books, polish/english version:
3.1. Polish Army Shoulder Emblems - Oznaki rozpoznawcze wojsk lądowych
3.2. Polish Airmobile Forces Shoulder Emblems - Oznaki rozpoznawcze Wojsk Aeromobilnych
3.3.Polish Navy Shoulder Emblems - Oznaki rozpoznawcze Marynarki Wojennej
3.4. Polish Air and Air Defence Forces Shoulder Emblems - Oznaki rozpoznawcze Wojsk Lotniczych i Obrony Powietrznej
3.5. Polish Army & Police Combat Specialist Insignia - Oznaki specjalistów bojowych Wojska Polskiego i Policji
Condition: new.
The price for all 5 books: 47 USD (shipping included)

4. polish AK47 bayonet, first pattern. Condition: mint.
The price: 45 USD (shipping included)

I can send photos via email.

I live in Poland, and approximate shipping time is about 2 weeks. I accept Paypal. You can also check my ebay sellel account - I have 100% positive feedback - my user ID is totenhamon. My email:

PS. If you are looking also for other polish army knifes, bayonets or items form Cold War Era let me know too, maybe I can help.

best regards

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