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February 17th, 2007  
In the words of President James Dale:

"why can't we all just get along."
February 17th, 2007  
Kudos to the Norwegian military in not relying on someone else to defend themselves. Yes its nice to have friends to back you up but when the hits the fan it takes our European allies too long to respond whilest Ivan is up close and personal with Joe and Susie Norway.

Russia supplies a great deal of natural gas to Europe Gator. And they still possess a potent military arsenal.
March 20th, 2007  
Originally Posted by bulldogg
Russia supplies a great deal of natural gas to Europe Gator. And they still possess a potent military arsenal.
That is true, they export large quantities of natural gas to Eastern and Central parts of Europe through Gazprom, actually the worlds largest company dealing with export of natural gas. They hold a key role in the supply to ie Belarus and they are more than ready to cut the supply if they disagree with certain politically or military developments. They make good money on the gas export and they want more - Do you remember this case:


The Kommersant daily newspaper reports that from 2007, gas prices for Belarus would be $200 per 1,000 cubic meters, against the current $46.68.
The move would follow similar gas price hikes that have contentiously been imposed on Ukraine, Moldova and Lithuania, and reflects Gazprom's desire to see the former Soviet republics pay a more market-driven price for natural gas.
However relations between the satellite states and the Moscow-based monopoly have become strained amid accusations that some of the price increases are politically motivated. This proved the crux of a dramatic dispute between Russia and the Ukraine at the beginning of 2006 after the Kiev authorities refused to accept Gazprom's new charges, prompting the latter to turn off supplies to its westerly neighbor.
Russia still pose a military threat and Gator, my post was based upon the reorganization of the NOR Army; from a "large" army counting 300.000 personell (total defence army) in case of an invasion to a small mobile army which we see today. We adapt to the so called "missing threat" on the Northern Flank by cutting the defence to a minium - We don't know what the future holds in the North but we know it's certainly not VISA.

The Norwegian - Russian relationship is tense these days, the media does not cover it very well but issues discussed are

1) The Coast Guard's past role and future room for manoeuvre in the Fishery Protection Zone around Svalbard. Gentle enforcement of fishery regulations has in recent years been replaced by open confrontation (Example the Elektron incident), and the Coast Guard's need to balance flexibility and communication with firm enforcement is at the heart of the discussion.

2) The possibilities of extending coordination and collaboration between the Norwegian Coast Guard and Russian enforcement agencies in the Barents Sea. Such a collaboration was initiated in the early 1990s, but new challenges have arisen in the form of massive Russian overfishing and Nowegian efforts to create a uniform management plan for the Barents Sea.


My point is that Russia should be taken into consideration today and in the future, it is a large country with many loose ends and controlling them is difficult.
March 22nd, 2007  
Russia is dismantled as a threat?
Just because we perform some exercises with them doesn´t mean we trust them.
And fact is, dismantled or not, Russia poses a very real threat to smaller countries like Norway, Finland and/or Sweden.
Sure they are having problems with muslims in a few places, but so have the US and we can all agree that the US is the only military superpower remaining?

"All countries have a capable army on their soil, either their own or someone elses."
March 27th, 2007  
Supporting and supplying any and all "anti-western" terrorist organizations, especially arab/muslim origin has been a staple in Soviet/Russian foreign policy since '67.

That hasn't changed at all. Russian finger prints can still be seen all over our current enemy.

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