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July 1st, 2014  
Life is opportunity
Benefit from it
~Mother Theresa
July 1st, 2014  
You will
Live to see
Horrors beyond
July 2nd, 2014  
Seize the moment and be happy, love and be loved! That is the only reality of the world, all else is folly.

~ Leo Tolstoy ~
'War and Peace'
July 2nd, 2014  
It always seems impossible until it's done

~Nelson Mandela

Robbens Island
July 2nd, 2014  
"I am only one, and I can only do so much on my own. I have limits, and I have breaking points. But I am also a part of a team. And together, we can accomplish more. We will overcome, and we will carry on. One of me can do great things. The team can do extraordinary things. I am only one. But I carry the force of all."
July 2nd, 2014  
whether you pushed
or pulled me
drained me or fueled me
loved me or left me
hurt me or helped me
you are a part of my growth
and no kidding
I thank you!!!
July 2nd, 2014  
"My promise to you, is this: I will make you into a combat-ready Soldier. But more importantly, I will make you a confident, and Worldly individual. I cannot force you to stand when you trip and fall, but I can show you how to stand. I cannot force you to carry on when your pack is heavy, but I can show you the road to follow. I cannot promise you the World, but I can give you the tools to make it your own. As long as you always take one more step forward, I will refill your canteen." ~Drill Sergeant's Promise
July 3rd, 2014  
If I have posted this already, too bad, I like it.

You know you are
On the right track
When you become
Uninterested in
Looking back
July 7th, 2014  
Holding a grudge
Is letting someone
Live rent free
In your head

I have subconsciously held grudges for years. When I started forgiving, I mean REALLY forgiving - not forgetting, I felt better physically. There were six people. I am down to two -ish. I even forgave the ex. That was a big one! Some just haven't grown...yet, they might never. Whadya going to do?! Let go..if you can.
July 8th, 2014  
Life is one big road
With lots of signs, so
When you riding
Through the ruts,
Don't you complicate
Your Mind!
~Bob Marley

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