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July 23rd, 2005  
C/2nd Lt Robot
What really helped we with endurance was jogging the curves and sprinting the straights. Then after a few of those I'd switch the routine. By the way, I do it on a standard track but anywhere will do. Just guess 100 meters the best you can. After a few times of doing that I was able to get my seven minute mile down to a 6 minute mile and then down to about a 5:40 mile. Also helped with my cross country time. I'd rather not say my first timed 5k was. But my best so far is 20 mins 39 secs.
July 24th, 2005  
Originally Posted by silent driller
The way I did it was painful. I started football workouts my fresman year of high school with a retired Marine Corps Sgt. Major. That will toss your ass into shape or kill you. I did this for four years. Now I am an amazing specimen of a man!!!
lol, i know the feeling, but my coach was a former SWAT man (no joke)

anyways, to help you (if i can) is if you run around your neighborhood, run in the grass when possible, its easier on the knees. and on the increment thing, i just concentrate on reaching the next telephone pole. but just stick with it, youd be amazed how far and how fast youll be able to run before you know it.
July 24th, 2005  
You're probably fine, at least you completed the mile. Just keep running. I would personally keep running the mile, you already did it, it'll only get easier. I'd do it every other day, maybe you could do it more often I dont know. At least every other day. It hurts, but you're gonna have to run 2 miles when ya get there and that really sucks. Maybe try increasing your distance by a lap each time, or if you've got enough time try a quarter lap to make it more gradual. Your goal should ultimately be the 2 mile +, dont think of running a mile as all you need to do man the 2 mile isnt fun then. I think a lot of people experience the urge to quit, I always do even when I was taking a physical assessment test being timed but I knew I couldnt. And if ya dont get used to doing things that hurt but you have to, you're still gonna wind up doing it then just its gonna hurt more so get accustomed to it
July 25th, 2005  
u should try 6x4x6's we had to do them for bball training in uni they suck, once u can do them for 2 hours u can run anything lol they just build up endurance