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January 9th, 2004  
i want to know the answers too.
January 17th, 2004  
i'm now in iraq with the dutch forces
April 16th, 2004  
Why do we need marines?

Provide Comfort (Iraq, 1991);
UNTAC (Cambodia, 1992-1993);
UNMIH (Haiti, 1995-1996);
SFOR/Deliberate Force (Bosnia, 1995);
AFOR/Allied Harbour (Albania, 1999);
UNMEE (Ethiopia/Eritrea, 2000-2001);
SFOR/STRATRES (Bosnia, 2002);
SFIR (Iraq, 2003-2004).

That and we have parts of the kingdom that are in far away places.
Also alot of Dutch interest in far away places..

May 18th, 2004  

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Originally Posted by sherman105
I dont doubt the exellence of your core, but its not exactly a enemy infested country(unless you cout for tourists), what sort of missins do they train you for?when was your last deployment?
That's exactly the point of a marine force: expeditions, fighting abroad...

During the 17th century, the Netherlands were one of the most influencial and richest seafaring countries. This is called the Golden Age. The Dutch colonial empire was rivaled only by the English in size and economy.

The marine corps was founded by admiral Michiel de Ruyter, to fight off the English and Spanish troops. Alas for The Netherlands, the 2nd English-Dutch war was lost, and the Dutch lost their sea power at sea and thus trade their income. Still, the Dutch had colonies which had to be protected. Marines are still stationed today on Curacau, Bonaire, and St. Maarten (St. Martin).
May 18th, 2004  
I like that motto.
May 19th, 2004  
Originally Posted by NCdt Steliga
I like that motto.
It's actually in Latin:
"Qua Patet Orbis"

Still, I like the credo from my "own" regiment best:
"Eripendo Victorea Prosum" - By snatching away (from death), I contribute to victory. Credo of the medical regiment.
August 21st, 2004  

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Originally Posted by jfreas
"Zo Wijd de Wereld" "As Far as the World Extends" Royal Dutch Marines motto.[/b]
Must say I prefer that one to the royal marines Motto, "per mare per terram". latin for "by sea, by land". Although i do think our berets are a tad snazzier
August 21st, 2004  
silent driller
Semper Fidelis is the US Marines motto(Always Faithful).

...But then you guys all know this, right?