Royal Australian Navy guided-missile frigate Mottos

December 8th, 2005  

Topic: Royal Australian Navy guided-missile frigate Mottos

The motto of the HMAS ADELAIDE is " United for the Common Good"
Built in the United States , ADELAIDE was commissioned on 15 November 1980 and was the first of six ADELAIDE class guided-missile frigates to be delivered to the Royal Australian Navy. ADELAIDE is the second ship in the RAN to carry this name. The first was a light cruiser that served from 1922 to 1945. source:

The motto of the HMAS Canberra is "For Queen and Country". Canberra is the third ship to bear this name. The original was a RAN Heavy Cruiser, which served from 1928 until she was sunk at the Battle of Savo Island in 1942. The second was a United States Navy Heavy Cruiser, USS Canberra, named in honour of the first, which served from 1944 to 1978 filling roles as a Heavy Cruiser and later a, Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser and ceremonial flagship. HMAS Canberra is scheduled to decommission in November 2005. source:

The motto of the HMAS Darwin is "Resurgent".

The motto of the HMAS Melbourne is VIRES ACQUIRIT EUNDO.
The name Melbourne has been carried by two former RAN warships: a light cruiser 1913-1928, and an aircraft carrier 1955-1982. The ship's motto, ‘VIRES ACQUIRIT EUNDO', translates as ‘She Gathers Strength As She Goes'. source:

The motto of the HMAS NEWCASTLE is "Enterprise".

The motto of the HMAS SYDNEY is "Thorough and Ready".
This is the fourth ship to carry this name and she is the proud inheritor of eighth “battle honours”, more than any other RAN unit. Notable actions of former ships include the sinking of the German light cruiser SMS Emden by Sydney I in World War I. In World War II, Sydney II sank the Italian light cruiser Bartolomeo Colleoni and two Italian destroyers. On 19 November 1941, Sydney II was lost with all hands in battle against the German Raider Kormoran, which was also sunk. This loss of 645 sailors represented over a third of the RAN's casualties during WWII. Sydney III, a light carrier, operated with distinction in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts.