Rogue Warrior Series by Richard Marcinko

September 12th, 2005  

Topic: Rogue Warrior Series by Richard Marcinko

i'v just started reading Rogue Warrior: Echo Platoon by Richard Marcinko, and i must say that its an interesting book. the language is a bit.... well, its not intended for younger readers. ironically, i picked this book for my book report for English class.... anyways, what do you guys think of the fiction series and also his nonfiction book(s)?
October 3rd, 2005  
His autobiography titled "Rouge Warrior" was pretty good.

I suggest you read it and use it for your book report instead of one of his fiction books.
December 28th, 2005  
Man, I was introduced to Marcinko around the age of 12. Whaddya mean it's not for younger readers?
(to be honest, I've used many of the acronyms proposed by marcinko and the military in general, particularly when duck hunting or soldering)

As for Marcinko's work, sure. Great plots, really holds me better than, say, a Clancy novel. It's not a convoluted read and generally is pretty well paced. Do you notice the trend in biting ears off in his novels?

Marcinko's autobiography is the only part of his nonfiction repertoire I've read, but I was impressed not only with his overall career but also his bravado in the face of the political beasts on the home front. We screwed up in martyring him and sending him to prison.

Overall, while I enjoy his work, you may have a tough time writing this book report without slipping in the occasional vulgar acronym