Rockhampton portaloo explosion

July 26th, 2011  
Mr KillKill

Topic: Rockhampton portaloo explosion

Must have been one hell of a curry

A MAN from the Royal Australian Air Force suffered life-threatening third-degree burns after a portaloo exploded at Rockhampton Airport this morning.
A Department of Community Safety spokeswoman said it was believed the man was using the portaloo when he lit a cigarette.
“There was some sort of explosion,” the spokeswoman said.
“He suffered burns to his head, face, arms, chest and airways.”
The man was participating in operation Talisman Sabre 2011.
Talisman Sabre spokesman Brigadier Bob Brown said “The cause of the explosion is unknown and is being investigated.”
Emergency services were called to the airport about 9.30am.
The injured airman was taken to Rockhampton Hospital in a serious condition. He was scheduled to be transferred to Brisbane Hospital later today.
July 26th, 2011  
Now that was one heck of a hot seat!
July 26th, 2011  
A Can of Man
I don't think that's very funny.
July 26th, 2011  
Mr KillKill
Originally Posted by A Can of Man
I don't think that's very funny.
Iíll certainly grant that the injuries he sustained are very serious but considering the circumstances in which he received them I couldnít help but have a bit of chuckle.
After all, who expects to be blown up sitting in a portaloo smoking a ciggy.
July 27th, 2011  
You Aussies do the damnest thing- and live to tell the tale...

What do you put in your food down there?
July 27th, 2011  
People in the northern parts of the country are generally more open, and direct in their aproach, formalities are skipped unless absolutely necsessary, and that goes for journalists reporting local news too.

So one morning the people in a town on the coast up north got to read a notice that explained why there had been an explotion in one of the toilet boots at the bus station, and they also got a clue about the person with severe burn-injuries who was transported by helicopter to a larger regional hospital.
It read about this:

"Yesterday one of our local drug-addicts, who normally sniff glue, took refuge in a toilet boot at the bus station where he enjoyed the experiense of his tragic addiction.
As he was unable to get his hands on glue this time, he went on to sniff gasolin instead.
It must have worked, beccause in his dizzy state of mind he decided to top up his experience with a cigarette."

Another notice on the same page read like this:
"The staff on the bus station would like to inform the public that the toilet boot where the door is ripped off the hinges, is out of order."
July 28th, 2011  
Mr KillKill

A family friend, known only as K, denied he had been smoking inside the portaloo and said he had gone inside to find water to extinguish himself, NTNews reported.
"Everybody has got it wrong," K said.
"The man does not smoke to start with and secondly he was already on fire from an accident before he went into the loo looking for the closest water."
July 29th, 2011  
This is getting better and better...

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