requirements for irish ppl in us military

July 22nd, 2005  

Topic: requirements for irish ppl in us military

Hey I'm new to all this just joined so could ask this question,

anyone know what the requirements are for irish students wanting to be a warrant/commission officer, want to fly combat choppers? Where do I apply etcetc? I'm sick of writing emails to advisors in the us and not gettin replys!
I know you cant join unless your an american citizen, but someone told me that you can if the minister of defence of your country gives you a written recommendation, is this true or false? Our min.of defense just changed thank god the old guy wudnt give anything to women, barely gave corp placements let alone recommendations.
I'm in 2nd yr at uni & 20 yrs old,studying aero engineering ,is it better to stick it out for 2 more yrs or join now. If us army wont take me i know ill be going with the raf or british army and i really don't wanna do that. So let me know of any loop holes etc if anyone knows. Thanks
July 22nd, 2005  
If you want to become an officer in the US military, you will have to become a US citizen, there aren't really any loop holes for that.

I would advise you to finish your schooling before joining the service. You will need a degree if you want to be an officer, anyway.

I immigrated from Ireland to the US a thousand years ago, enlisted in the US Army and later became an officer. This may be something you want to look in to - you can always work helos as enlisted personnel, get tons of experience, and become an officer later. This will also help expedite the naturalisation process.

For now, save your money, finish your schooling. You will need both when/if you immigrate.

The US Army will take you, but you will have to meet the eligibility requirements.
July 25th, 2005  
Cheers for the info , good to know its possible
August 6th, 2005  
I applied for the U.S army in fortbragg.