Regional government worried about a haircut lol

December 30th, 2010  

Topic: Regional government worried about a haircut lol

The government in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, is, apparently, worried about the reemergence of the oseledec hairstyle among their local, Kuban, Cossack population.

I suppose in a way I understand why they are concerned.

When our men wose the oseledec, hundreds of years ago, was when we were a wild, uncontrollable people, in fact, that is what the Tsar's troops, sent to try to reign us in, referred to those Cossacks as, dikie, 'wild ones'.

Back then, we looked like this:

And yes, we befriended wolves too.

Runaway serfs, or children of runaway serfs who mated with steppe nomads, Kasogi, the fiercest, most violent, viscious and bloody of all Circassian peoples, whose name we adapted as our own, and who are also ancestors of present day Adygs and Abkhazs, so why we and them are like brothers now.

Anyway, possibly due to their past of slavery, our ancestors had no organized government, because they tended to kill anyone who tries to tell them what to do, cut the head off and chopped the body into pieces and fed the pieces to the wolves (believe me, I wish I was making this up).

And our ancestors were great fighters too. Mostly because they did not know fear or mercy, they held nothing back. I suppose they were psychotic in some way, many of them. According to some legends from back then, they did not feel pain or could ignore it somehow, some even fought on after losing a limb... And from the Kasogi they got our present-day skill with the shashka Circassian sabre, which we also carry to this day, though mostly as a ceremonial and traditional attribute novadays

By the time whatever Tsar ruled back then (cannot remember now) managed to subdue our forefathers, he had to sign piece treaties with all his external enemies, because his army could no longer fight anyone, for years to come: half the troops lay dead, and of the remaining half, two thirds were wounded, quite a few crippled for life.

So, yes, hehe I get that Russian rulers get, let us say, jumpy, when traditions from those times are gaining in popularity... I still think it is silly. Modern Cossacks live and breathe on loyalty to Russia. Most of us would cut our own heads off, before we'd turn against her somehow... But, hey, let them fear us. We like that. And we are proud of that war. You can say it was our own Sparta moment
December 30th, 2010  
A Can of Man
Re-emergence of old traditions is always tricky because people tend to make new things up and it can go off on strange and dangerous tangents, especially since they use history and tradition for legtimacy.
December 30th, 2010  
Originally Posted by A Can of Man
Re-emergence of old traditions is always tricky because people tend to make new things up and it can go off on strange and dangerous tangents, especially since they use history and tradition for legtimacy.
Well, it is interesting, because the governor there, Alexander Nikolayevich Tkachyov, is our man, Kubanian, as is his wife, who is a daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of Atamans (Cossack tribal chiefs, I suppose you can call it that. 'Commanders').

Here they are with their children, at a Cossack cultural festival, maybe a year ago

So, he would know about all this stuff. I don't think this is coming from him. Moscow itself is worried about us...

They gave us a lot, Putin did, in recent years. If a Cossack joins the Reestr, 'Registered Forces', essentially becomes in service of the Russian government for life, you get a special identification document

FKC stands for Federalnaya Kazachia Sluzhba, Federal Cossack Service. When you have this ID, and you wear your uniform, you can carry any weapon of your choice, from shashka to AK, probably to... I don't know, grenade launchers.

Plus, children of registered Cossacks get priority for placement in cadet academies, where competition is 30 children for spot.

710,000 of us are in this already.

But, of course, now Putin has this new armed force in the South, I suppose he is scared if he loses control over us, like if we decide to turn against him, unite with the Chechens or something. That would be interesting lol

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