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October 24th, 2007  
In a similar vein. Many years ago I was the third hand in the Engine room of a Naval tanker and we were expressly forbidden to answer the control room sound powered phones (8 of them)by the Engineer of the watch.

One disgruntled Stoker waited until the Gingerbeer was absent for a minute and sprayed all of the earpieces with Moly di sulphide grease, then once the target returned, he watched through the control room window until the target was engaged in something where he could not see the lights on the phones and just gave one of them a quick ring. Being highly efficient the Gingerbeer races to the phones picking them up one at a time and answering, "Engine Control Room Lt, Xxxxxx" those others in the control room (Throttle watchkeeper, Third Hand, and chief of the watch) watched in barely concealed mirth as both ears and the sides of his face become blacker and blacker. No one said a thing, next watch he still hadn't twigged what had happened and of course we had cleaned the earpieces carefully. I would have given a million dollars to have seen his face when he looked in the mirror.

Then again, what else are Junior Engineers good for??
June 2nd, 2008  
June 2nd, 2008  
these are awesome