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July 6th, 2005  

Topic: recruitment office

i personally thought this was hillarious but who knows.

since im just starting off in my military career my only story is of when i went to go sign up.

i had to do this several times because of life related issues.

the first time i went, i walked into the office and some soldiers came walking by

lead guy - hey there kid, you thinking on signing up?
me - yeah of course!
lead guy - awsome stuff, trust me you wont forget it.
guy in the rear - yeah every moment is a worthy cause
lead guy - ok everyone, lets get this trash to the curb

all four guys then proceeded to leave, carrying large bags of garbage over their shoulders. i later saw them come in smiling and high-fiving each other. it honesntly looked like they just won a war or something they were so happy.

all i can remember was thinking to myself "thats the highlight... wow"

then i ran into the staff sergent, after a quick check he lead me around the place and into a massive 4 story hanger.

while he was pointing some details out all i remember is seeing this catwalk along the side of the hanger near the top and 2 guys chassing each other with loaded shoulder launchers.

the staff sergent sees them, smiles and says "see we always have someone to kill"

unfortunitly i had to go back a second time and sign up again because once my ex got word of me enlisting, she decided to go back out with me, get engaged, only to leave me again wasting alot of my valuable time.

when i came back the second time they looked at me and said "another girl left ya huh?"
me - "no same girl"
person at the desk - "heh we need more stupid people like you, ones who are whipped enough they do anything. well at least you arent shackled down, now your ready to be accepted into the big happy family"
me - "gee thanks, nice to know im joining an army full of rejects like myself"
desk person - "oh heaven no, the people who are rejected die on the fields and have the lowest ranks, people up high and safe are the ones with families"
me - "that made me feel soooo much better"
July 6th, 2005  
weird, thats really freaky, but it was still entertaining
July 6th, 2005  
Whatever youre smoking... I want some.
July 6th, 2005  
If this is true im glad Canada is allied with some strong countries....
July 6th, 2005  
heh its true alright, and no i dont smoke anything at all, i do drink however

on a similar case. i have a "friend" who was once with this regiment, he is a bit insane to say the least.

me and some friends paintball with him and everytime we hate him because he goes out of his way to lay down in a nearby creek or climb some big ass tree just to kill us. scares us shitless when were walking across a creek on a fallen tree trunk and this lunatic jumps out of the water!
July 7th, 2005  
hahha that's kinda sad
November 29th, 2007  
Team Infidel
November 30th, 2007  
The Other Guy
the ending sounds accurate...
March 19th, 2009  

Originally Posted by Team Infidel
Really wierd...
March 19th, 2009  
my joining up story (i later bailed out because my parents wouldn't sign me in. c*nts)

Sat in the recruitment office with my old pair of boots tied to my bag. Recruitment officer: "why is there a pair of boots tied to your bag?"
me: "because i bought new boots today"
officer: "what was wrong with your old boots?"
me: "nothing..."
officer: "then why buy a new pair?!"


and then, later on:

officer: "...and what we don't want is people "wots just joinin up for't get aat o't for't wiggin!""

(that was me btw :P)