Reasons for Joining The Military

May 22nd, 2015  

Topic: Reasons for Joining The Military

Hello everybody.

Well I've applied to join the Swedish military, its different then US and the joining process is different but in August I got a test that will evaluate me mentally and physically. Im sure you have something similar in the US.

So point of this post. I know joining the military no matter what country is a big decision. Its not something you decide over night. So I was wondering, what were your motivations and reasons for joining?

I just want to make sure this isnt a fling, Im interested in the military now and then in 1 year I hate it. Ive never liked day jobs or civil life much. Come to think of it all my idols have been some sort of soldiers or warriors. Plus I always wanted to do more with my life then have a desk job.

So just curious, what made you join the military?

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