Was it really said after the Charge of the Light Brigade - Page 2

March 29th, 2009  
Del Boy
In 1950's we were taught to understand the dangers inherent in verbal instructions. The famous example that stuck with us was:- 'Send reinforcements - we are going to advance' which ends up eventually as 'Send three (shillings) and four pence - we are going to a dance'.

The importance of trained and professional company runners.
March 30th, 2009  
Verbal communications are always tricky - check out what happens today. I think part of the issue is the matter of glory & reward.

The British cavalry were notoriously headstrong and had in the past overreached themselves and suffered for it, Waterloo to name one place. That said battle reporters tend to be stood on the high ground, whereas the cav & inf, tend to in the valley mixing it up. Soldiers are aggressive, that is their job. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, that is the nature of warfare - either way a gifted wordsmith will turn defeat into success & inspire a new generation of heroes.

PS I was raised on the Charge of the Light Brigade - I'm not a hero myself, but I have always been inspired of the bravery of the officers and men; who have been dealt a sh!##y hand, pushed on to do their job.