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December 29th, 2010  

Topic: To coastie0829

**This is technically incorrect information you are putting out there. I received an RE-4 with a full HONORABLE discharge. I never got into trouble but because I exceeded a 2 incident limit, I was shown the door. I am currently waiting for a board response for my discharge upgrade.
I wish you the best with changing your RE-4. I have a son who also was a Coastie (0180) and received an RE-4 with a full HONORABLE discharge for the exceeded 2 incident limit and shown the door. I would greatly appreciate knowing the outcome of your request. Best of Luck!
February 23rd, 2011  

Topic: RE- 4 discharge codes topic

For those of you who claim to know the how employment law applies to those with an RE-4 discharge need to go back to boot camp and read your employment law..

1) all veterans are protected under USERRA, in the public and private sector of employment.
2) It specifically states your military service cannot be used to determine employment.
3) Most HR text are wrong as you all are about military service including the text HARVARD students read.
4) REmember, service was voluntary not mandated so value the time of those soldiers who served.
5) ignorance is not bliss...smell the coffee....ucmj does not have authority over employment laws out side of the Military..

All answers or comments posted, state your fact then support them with references...
August 8th, 2011  

Topic: RE-4's

yes an RE-4 is TYPICALLY involved with bad conduct. But I've had 4 different higher paying jobs then the military since I got out and I got hired into them and not under the table. I got a General Discharge Under Honorable conditions with an RE-4 when I got out. So y'all are all wrong about an RE-4 being as bad as you say. I did nothing wrong, only got out 2 months early.
August 8th, 2011  
and where can I go to get an RE-4 changed?
August 18th, 2011  
I was just browsing around and saw this thread. An RE4 re-enlistment code simply means "NOT RECOMMENDED FOR REENLISTMENT". You can get an RE4 any number of ways at the time of separation as a result of misconduct, poor performance (watch those evals) or even for a medical separation (although they normally give med seps a RE3, which simply means a person is Recommended for reenlistment, except for a deficiency which prevents reenlistment. A member can be reenlisted with a waiver once the deficiency is overcome). A courts-martial cannot award an RE-4 reenlistment code; it is typically assigned by a Commanding Officer (or his designee) or characterized by a member's service. It's actually rather common to receive an honorable discharge with a RE4 reenlistment code.

You can go to your service branch's Board for the Correction of Records to try to upgrade the code.
August 27th, 2011  

Topic: Hello

Air Force SF veteran here, currently working as a firefighter/emt and nurse. Steadily trying to get deployed to Afghanistan as a civlian contract firefighter/emt or nurse.
August 27th, 2011  

Topic: My dilemma...

I was in the Air Force as a 3PO31, a friend was deployed to PSAB and wanted me to take care of some of his bills while he was deployed. Rather than him being smart by just giving me some signed checks made out to the bills he expected, just leaving the dollar amount blank, he gave me POA to go and take money out of his bank account for me to deposit into mine and write my own checks to cover his bills. Well he received a bill that he didn't tell me about and rather than see him go into collections or default, I checked my account and had the money to cover his unexpected bill. I had forgotten that I had a auto-payment set up for my car payment/car insurance that was to come out that same week. As a result, one of the checks I wrote for one of his bills bounced. When he came back to the states and found out, he was overheard talking about it and tyhe next thing I knew, the police first Sgt said that I had not used his money appropriately and I received an article 15 for "misappropriation".....did I mention we were both COPS? Anyway, I was discharged from the military in April 2000 with a "General, under honorable conditions" discharge. My re entry code reads 4H which is "serving suspended sentence for article 15" This was over 11 years ago, I have never had, nor do I have now a criminal record of any kind in the civilian side. As a matter of fact, after getting out I was commissioned as a police officer in Louisville, Ky and worked for years. I wanted to go back into the Air Force, but when i talked to a recruiter, he said that he would only accept me into the reserves, but not active duty, and that was ONLY if my DD214 was upgraded. I submitted my paperwork to the Air Force Review Board last year (2010) and received a letter in Fe. 2011 from them saying it was on a docket to be presented to the board now. Here it is 6 months later and they said it probably wouldn't be presented to the board until MAYBE November. But it would then be probably another 6 months before I would hear anything from them about the result. I can understand something taking a little while to get things together, because you need to get the records etc, get my statement (which I've already submitted in written form with my application for request for review) but to take this long is just silly. Regardless of which, I'm not sure why they would put me down as ineligable for re-enlistment for something so minute. I even paid my friends fees that had incurred and he even admitted that he didn't want me to get into trouble, that a Sgt had overheard him talking about what had happened and that's how the whole article 15 thing ever came to happen in the first place. Every branch I talked to said they wouldn't take me unless it was upgraded. I had read somewhere that you COULD re-enlist even with something like that and they would give a waiver and you could re-enter on a probationary period. I guess that information was wrong though. I'm more than willing to repeat AIT if I wanted to stay in the same MOS, and furthermore willing to go straight to afghanistan after graduation from AIT. I'm even trying to get deployed there now as a civlian contract. I'm a firefighter/emt and nurse with police background and a veteran. In my opinion, it just doesn't make sense that they would give me that kind of discharge that holds the same stigma as if I was kicked out for doing drugs or some other type of "real" crime. I understand that back then, the demand for active duty wasn't as much in the need as it is today, but I still feel that what was given to me was too harsh for what happened. Sorry for the rant, I just want to hear anyone's opinion on the matter. Thanks
December 30th, 2011  

Topic: RE-4

Is it possible to get an 'Honorable Discharge' and still be assigned a RE-4? This was not a General Under Honorable, but a straight forward Honorable!
December 30th, 2011  
OK, for the serious replies to my post I will keep this simple. I am not wishing to get back in. At 55 years old they kind of frown on that stuff. I am merely wanting to find out if they generally give Honorable Discharges and then tag you with an RE-4? My only discipline was simple Office Hours on questionable charges. I opted not to go to court martial because the deck was stacked against me and I didn't want that in my SRB. There is nothing that says or indicates my Honorable was anything but that!
December 31st, 2011  
Yes it is possible to have an RE4 on a HD, what does your DD214 say is character service?

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