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December 6th, 2009  
does an OTH from a special court martial mean that you will have a felony? and what does this mean for future jobs? thanks
December 6th, 2009  

Topic: RE-4 does'nt always mean one shot one kill

Oke Doke folks,

So some are right and some are wrong and some are hopeless. This is my story and it's the gods honest truth.

I have an RE-4 and it was waived. I repeat it was waived.

I have a general discharge under honorable conditions by reason of misconduct... I know I know but it's no lie...

basicaly I went in the navy under guidance from several family friends that were high ranking officers in the (army) and I was intended to try out for bud's. Well at MEPs after not having good enough eye sight meps and the navy took me in for a second test and vwa la i was elegible.

I reported to RTC great lakes, was the 900 staff co. RPOC and then found out on day p-4 that they had falsified the test at MEPS to coherse me to sign an enlisment contract. I was told I was trying out for anything and especially BUD's Alllllllllll hell broke loose and there were real problems and congressional inquiries. They should had known. I needed a presidential waiver to get in in the first place and it was done with a phone call from a family friend, then congressman and now director of the CIA Leon Panettea.

Long story short after they refused to transfer me to the army or marine corp. I refused to train and after 1 year 1 month and 13days they navy relented and gave me this discharge. Since an NCIS investigation was started and killed immeadiately(because a rear admiral Naughtons ass was in a sling) and no other actions have been taken against anyone who took part in falsifing my eye tests at MEPS.

Now in 06' I did start the process of re-entering in the millitary to the Army nat'l guard. My re-4 WAS waived (granted I have some extenuating circumstances, like a general under honorable discharge).

Unfortunately for me however 2 days after getting my waiver thru the chain of command, some rocket scientist kid rear ended my car doing almost 50 and I was at a dead stop. The kid ended my millitary and commercial diving career right there buldging 3 of my disc. What a damn shame. I was being guarnteed my old job Parachute rigger, OCS, airborne and air assault ON MY CONTRACT

However since then I have recooperated and while still having the buldged disc I am at it yet again and am as we speak trying to get back in the Reg Army and we will have to see how THAT ONE GOES. It all depends on the recruiter and chain of command.

So if you don't have a BCD but have an RE-4 some times not all is lost. Contrary to some peoples beliefs not all people with RE-4's are pieces of crap.

My paticular discharge Niether the NCIS investigator (who had been on the job for some 15 years) nor any of my family friends all colonels and above had never heard of my discharge or seen one. Thats right General Under Honorable Conditions by reason of Misconduct _ for the good of the navy.

I swear it just as I would on a bible


NOw in retro ... shame on the navy.. this was a blatent violation of article 10 of the US code regarding enlisment and in which the code specifically points out the NAvy. If the would had just told the truth I would had still joined but taken another option they had offered as QMS sub or quarter master submarine ... here i was an only son. Not draftable and I was will to join and fight during war time and they felt the need to lie to me.. what a damn shame.... make you wonder why I would ever try to get back in the armed forces? Well I like the discipline, and uniformity.
December 8th, 2009  
try having a RE3b for medical reasons and being unable to go back in, even though the reason you were discharged is wrong.
Ya think I dam oth is bad, ya want back in?
Try getting severance pay after 19 1/2 years of loyal honorable never even ua or awol for a minute, always on time 3.8-3.9 evals on the old 4.0 scale and being told your no more use to the military, and not wanted anymore.
December 11th, 2009  

Topic: Somethings cannot be rectified, that is part of the punishment

This is the honest to God truth... You cannot rejoin with an RE-4, at least if it is related to misconduct. There are some lessons that have to be learned before it is too late. Look at it this way; if you cut off your own hand just to be stupid, do you think you could grow it back by trying hard enough?... NO, you simply cannot. This is the case with an RE-4 BCD. Look there are just somethings you cannot fix, but you can dedicate your life to making sure other people don't walk the same path. So you got booted out, you messed up, accept it and try to help others avoid the same fate... Let me tell you a story.

When I was 17 I enlisted, I turned 18 in BC, and yes it was legal at the time, I don't know if still is though, at any rate.. I got my first article 15 in BC, before my birthday. I was stupid enough to directly challenge a DC. I paid with my blood and sweat, dearly, but after all that they gave me another chance. Upon finishing basic, I continued to act like a childish fool. I went AWOL many times, did drugs, I even stole a car from a fellow soldier. I did not realize it at the time, but I was really punishing people that I loved with all my heart, and I hadn't even met them yet. I am 27 now with a wonderful wife and soon, 3 children. I am not the same man, but it does not matter. I have recently found out just how bad the big chicken dinner tastes. I am about to receive my associates in computer science and I am going straight to a bachelors degree, even after all that I will probably top out at 30,000 a year. Due to my stupidity, that is the maximum pinacle of my life. Anyone with a family knows that is not much. I have tried several times to get my discharge upgraded, solely for the purpose of reenlisting and I have talked to the legion, recruiters, and read every piece of literature out there. All this to know avail. To add to my shame I come from a long and distinguished line of servicemen, I am the first to fail.
Which bring me to my point. If you are in the same boat as me there is nothing you can do, except try to help others avoid this fate. I read a post the other day where a mother is unsure of what to do with her boy, he is approaching deserter status to be discharged. I feel so bad for this woman, I know she knows what is in store for him, but he won't listen. So, I decided to start a little club. L.O.S.E.R. Lifelong Obligated Servants Earning Redemption. Have you ever done anything that ruined your life? Wish you could stop others from doing the same thing? Then L.O.S.E.R. is for you. If you want to make excuses it is not for you. This organization is for Honest God loving individuals who sincerely want to help others avoid ruining their lives. It doesn't just have to be about RE-4 BCDs either. I have done things almost as stupid since then. When it finally dawned on me that my family would never be comfortable with me as the sole breadwinner, I almost killed myself... I told my wife to find someone else that could give her a good life, that I wasn't worth it. She would not do it.
So..., the way I see it, it is time to take ownership of my sins. I am starting L.O.S.E.R.. Anyone interested PM me or whatever it takes.
Thanks for reading a long post, and remember, there is forgiveness for all thing in Christ our Lord, but man has no such obligations. God Bless.
December 12th, 2009  
You must have been Army When I went to BC I challenged my CC and we went out back to decide who was right, after I "fell" several times I realized he was right, Had that been nowdays we'd have both made little rocks out of big rocks.

PC suks, the old days were better for both discipline and moral.
December 12th, 2009  

Topic: I would have to agree

Yep, It wasn't that long ago, plus it helped that I was a cav scout. They tend to be a little more forgiving of things that while stupid, do show you have to guts to fight, lol. It sure wasn't my father's military though.
December 13th, 2009  
I was in my Fathers military the Navy didn't really start changing too much till 97, I was done in 99
January 16th, 2010  
I like your quotes!

Hope more and more people can see these wonderful words and put them into actions!
January 20th, 2010  
A Can of Man
Nice avatar.
January 22nd, 2010  
MSG Glenn
At this time due to the economy & the civilian job marker the Army is being very selective as to who it allows to enlist. There are very few waivers being granted.

If someone else already mentioned this in this thread I apologize. I'm on short time & couldn't read all of the replies.

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