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January 4th, 2012  

Topic: Glad I read this sticky first

I can see this is a touchy subject for some and with good reason for it.
However, after reading this whole thread for a few weeks. (Read it, then joined) I have decided to go ahead and reply to this without making another useless thread topic on the same subject.

Before you ask, yes I was discharged with an Re-4 and yes Im looking to get it changed and NO, I dont want to hear how its impossible or anything negative like that. Because its not, its a step away from it, I know.
The specifics of my discharge are:
"Pattern of misconduct"
"General(Under honorable conditions)

No drugs, alcohol, AWOL, UA, nothing like that. Also, no criminal record since being out or ever. Not even a speeding ticket.
I was at fault no doubt though, for being immature and doing dumb things that lead to my removal
However, since my time out (08JUL09) I have gained the life experience I needed to realize that what I did wasnt smart, but what I want to do is.
I already know a good amount of the process required to changing my code
I have already requested letters of recommendation(From my coworkers, boss, people in great standing basically), I have already started my letter to the board, and I am full on intent on reaching my goal.
All I ask is for someone who can guide me through the process and answer questions I have, and someone who GENUINELY wants to help.
If you doubt my integrity and wish for proof, I have no problem sending copies of my letters and contact numbers for them so that you may verify for yourself. I just wish to be taken seriously.
If you are, or you know someone, who wishes to help, please dont hesitate to PM me. Also, if you'd like more information about my past regarding the military, I will answer any question you may have.
I'd like to fix the mistakes I made a few years ago.

"Run silent, run deep"
February 5th, 2012  
Hex a Decimal

Topic: nope

Az_Infantry you are wrong, there are other reasons besides a bcd to receive an re4. I know this for a fact because I have an re4 with a general under honorable conditions discharge, I know about 250 others discharged from the same base, for the same "reason", in the same year. Second, you can get an re4 upgraded, but in this it's not what you know, but who you know that counts, a Congressman or Senator is your best bet.
April 13th, 2012  

Topic: Wow...

Well obviously there is a lot of misinformation on this subject and it has been going on for a long time. What brought me here is I was looking at the RE4 and looking at the regs covering it just because I was curious. After reading all this (and I couldn't stop once I started), I feel I have to respond.

First off, I have an RE4 - as I said, this is what started my reading here as it is.

I'm Honorably Discharged (no not General, not OTH, not DO - plain old Honorable)

Type of Seperation: Retirement

Narrative Reason: Disability, Temporary

Seperation Code: SFK (SFK - Placed on temporary disability retired list)

Did not finish out my contract, however my DD-214 states, "Member has completed First Full Term of Service". Awarded NDSM, ASR for my trouble.

Broke my ankle and knee, was put in rear-d with a bunch of, well, in the base goof troop until my med board completed (almost everyone there was being med boarded out, though there was the occasional CM and BCD's come through - stored in the back of course).

I have to go back in 2013 to be re-evaluated (make sure I healed) and will either be perm retired, extend TDRL, or RTD'd. Pretty sure I won't be RTD'd, but stranger s*** has happened. The reg's say that RTD "with consent", if I want back in I can come back in (right like if they want me back they will give me a choice ). Hell, my 1SGT emphasized over and over how I SHOULD come back in.

Point is, I didn't break anything but bones. No ART15's, not even a poor counciling statement. You clearly don't just get RE4 with BCD's, OTH's, or DH. That's utter horse s***. I think a lot of folks here are knee jerking responses. Are they likely to let me back in prior to my re-eval? I doubt it even if WW3 starts up, but that wasn't my point. I'm going out on a limb and say if you do have an RE4, you're pretty done, regardless of the reason, however it obviously isn't a permenant thing as in with my case, and several others in my unit.

As for you cat's who went AWOL and whatnot? As my old man put it, "In Viet Nam they'd just shoot you and be done with it..." You most likely knew better... I'd be ashamed, and prolly not mention that in front of vets. YMMV

Anyhow, just thought I HAD to put my 2 cents in since I was clearly getting a bad rap over my RE4. I did my time, honored my end, got jacked up, now my country is (fortunately) honoring their end - And that's good cheese, hooah.
April 16th, 2012  
It seems nowadays that prior enlistees are trying to get their RE-4 codes changed. Of course, I am in the same predicament but, not so serious. I've already submitted an application to the BCNR for review due to my case that may indeed warrant a change especially given the circumstances (It was issued to an examiner 2 months ago and should now be with the board). I think I've replied to this board in the pass but, can't remember. I wouldn't mind the feedback regarding my case although I can assume that it may not happen at all.

I enlisted in 2003 and was medically discharged for Sickle Cell Trait with an RE-4 and separation code JFW. Unfortunately I was unaware of this condition, where doctors initially stated I was unfit for duty. Those who have a high percentage over 45% (mine was 48%), doesn’t have a high tolerance to anaerobic exercising. (combinations of the 1.5 mile run, pushups, and situps).

Navy Policy: 2–4. Blood and blood-forming tissue diseases
a. Anemia. Current hereditary or acquired anemia, which has not been corrected with therapy before appointment or induction, does not meet the standard. For the purposes of this regulation, anemia is defined as hemoglobin of less than 13.5 (Mine 14.3) for males and less than 12 for females. The following ICD–9 codes are used for diagnosed anemia: hereditary hemolytic anemia (282), sickle cell disease (282.6) (This is what was stated in my record when in fact I don't have full blown sickle cell disease), acquired hemolytic anemia (283), aplastic anemia (284), or unspecified anemia’s (285).

(1) Males with a hematocrit (HCT) less than 40 percent (Mine 43%), or females with an HCT less than 37 percent; or (2) If a complete hematologic evaluation results in the diagnosis of physiologic anemia, or anemia due to sickle cell trait or beta thalassemia minor; males with a HCT less than 38 (Mine: 38.7) percent, or females with a HCT less than 35 percent. (See APL, Hematocrit, and Hemoglobinopathies.) This only applies to those pursuing jobs as a pilot.
In addition to being discharged, I wasn't given the option of pursuing a waiver. I wasn't even aware what an RE-4 code was but, what can you do? Take it when it's given to you I guess. It has been 8 years and I've decided to look into my situation so that I could go Officer in the Air Force.

I've obtained new blood testing, hemoglobin electrophoresis, and the results read differently than what was given to me while in basic. In short, my results had read 48% hemoglobin S disqualifying me from physical standards. My new results read 27% hemoglobin S. My doctor and lab technician says that these percentages never change.
Any thoughts/replies are welcomed.
May 8th, 2012  

Topic: reenlistment upgrade

I received a General(Under honorable conditions) with an re-4
I was wondering how i go about upgrading my reenlistment code
So i can reenlist. Also i have disability but for no reason. How do I
Go about getting rid of that if i wanna reenlist
May 17th, 2012  
Hey guys came across this through google. I dont really know much about all the rest but RE-4 is giving for most medical discharges right now. If you get put on TDRL before PDRL youll get the SFK sep code plus the RE4 code.
May 17th, 2012  

Topic: The Best Help I Have Seen Thus Far!

For all you guys out there... trying to get back in to Serve Your Country.. "Lean Foward!" Put everything you got into it! "Never Quit!"

READ! READ! READ! I faced the same problems.. but am likely to be successful because I can READ! READ! READ! & THINK! THINK! THINK! Find those old and new Regulations (Army, Air Force, AR, ANGAR, ANGI, etc). Read those US Codes (Electronic Code Of Federal Regulations) And seek the help of a PROFESSIONAL!

Hopefully this link to Discharge Upgrades will help ALL OF YOU:
May 17th, 2012  
Sorry.. the other link is not correct.. use this one:
May 20th, 2012  

Topic: U.S. Military Guide Contact Page -- Rod Powers U.S. Military Guide Contact Page -- Rod Powers
June 17th, 2012  

Topic: Grossly misinformed

I haven't read the entire thread but the first page conclusions are grossly misinformed.

RE codes are just one piece of the puzzle, and they also only give the Service's side of the story.

I myself have an RE-4, and an honorable discharge for a personality disorder. Nobody ever asks how I got a personality disorder, because I went in perfectly normal.

I was separated from my partner and stationed in Japan and he was stationed in Florida. This led to depression and I started drinking more than was reasonable. Any normal human would experience these emotions in a similar situation.

One night, the Watch Commander saw me sitting next to an open window having a pitty party and reported me as suicidal. It didn't matter how much I denied being suicidal. The more I denied it, the more the military doctors and my chain of command pre-judged me as suicidal.

My clearance was suspended and I was reassigned to Supply. Months went by as the JAG and my Chain of Command figured out what to do with me. I was sent for medical evaluations and psychological evaluations. By that point, I had had enough of the undeserved treatment and I just didn't care any more. I only wanted out.

Of course, in this process, I was never offered help to prevent the alleged suicidal tendencies, nor was I offered help with the depression or to stop drinking. Nobody ever investigated the cause of the behavior nor did they offer any solutions. It was all about the paperwork, and that was it. I myself knew that the process was the solution I needed, because it would get me discharged and reunited with my partner faster than finishing my tour.

By the time my discharge came around, the Command no longer had any issues with me, and they were actually asking me to stay. But I was firm on my commitment to see my divorce from the Service finalized.

I received an honorable discharge and an RE-4 reenlistment code. I never committed a crime, was never arrested and never left any unpaid debts. I never went AWOL, and I NEVER experienced any type of discrimination from civilian employers upon my departure. Today I am highly successful and earning well over 6 figures.

The fact of the matter is that the military does NOT take care of its people where mental health is concerned. Mental health is seen as something weak, gooey, sticky and nobody wants to touch it... unless it is PTSD. In fact, PTSD is the only mental condition for which a disability rating will be given by the VA. But let me tell you, that the actions that are taken, particularly the unjust actions and accusations made against service members, are just as brutal and damaging as any bullet or explosion, and being labeled with a personality disorder, the ostracization and cruelty experienced from former friends and colleagues on base, are just as traumatic, and warrant an evaluation for PTSD evaluation.

As far as I am concerned, the military is a grotesque organization and I am bewildered that anyone would ever want to make a career in it. I do everything in my power to steer people away from choosing the military as a career, lest they be used and abused as I and countless others were.

For anyone else who has or will receive an RE-4 for a real or perceived personality disorder, it is NOT the end of the world. It is the beginning of your liberation. Do not let these brutes make you feel any less human. Your future is bright.

Shine on.

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