Random Trivia for the Cadets - Page 2

November 2nd, 2004  
Originally Posted by Commissar38
Wow, those are some seriously weird questions, i got some of my own
Who was the Minister of Labor in Nazi Germany?
What was Operation Chromite?
What rank was given to George Washington by Congress (It is discontinued)?
What person was adwarded 5 Navy Crosses?
1. Minister of Labor
2. Battle during the Korean War, Also known as Battle of Inchon, Started 15 September, 1950, ended 1 October. It was UN, US, UK, and South Korea, against North Korea
3.Not sure what you were referring too, but COmmander in Chief of the armed forces, General, and I got a recently awarded 7 star General.
4. Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller whos just awesome like that.
April 29th, 2005  
Hey guys. This thread hasnt been going for quite some time but i think its a good one for us cadets. I think that if you answer all tyhe questions you get to make up your own set and the next person to answer all those makes up their own set etc.. Ill start it off with some harder questions than i was giving before.

1)American Special Forces fought in Vietnam, what other countries Special Forces fought there as well?

2)What was the battle head dress for the Brittish Army in World War 1 & 2 ?

3)Name one of the two ways that a person may join the SAS.

4)'Sunray is down'. Who was this radio message reffering to during the retaking of the Falkland Islands?

Good luck with these questions guys (and girls)!
April 29th, 2005  
1. South Vietmanese
2.The doughboy helmet
3.Joining the British Army
4. Cpl Smith, James L is down
April 30th, 2005  
good work. now post some questions of your own.
April 30th, 2005  
1. The Cessna A-37 Dragonfly's predessecor was:
2. Napoleon was born where?
3. The top-secret Nazi JagdTiger was armed with how big of a main gun?
4. According to little known facts the Civil War actually started in 18__