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April 22nd, 2004  

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"who do you think he is, God?"
"God would have mercy"
May 17th, 2004  
Remember that one
July 17th, 2004  
Rambo III has hands down the coolest action moments in a movie EVER.

Rambo performing self-surgery and self-cauterization on his wounds (involving gunpower)

The Russian falling into a cave but being stopped by the rope and then blowing into a zillion pieces.

A cavalry charge on an armored column.

A tank and a helicopter playing chicken.

Rambo and Colonel Trautman stand alone facing an enemy army.]
Colonel Trautman: What do we do?
Rambo: Well, surrounding them's out.
Zaysen: Who are you?
Rambo: Your worst nightmare.
You really can't get more classic than that

Zaysen: "Drop your weapons! Now! You have no chance of escape! Come forward! I wish to take you back alive! This is your last warning! The choice is yours!"
Colonel Trautman: "What do you say John?"
Rambo: [loading his gun] "**** 'em!"
August 25th, 2004  
so called chris ryan
You hit the nail on the head there!^^^^^^
Best quotes ever! They have got to go on the website!