RAF Basic Training cant beast it but you can beat it!!!

September 6th, 2004  

Topic: RAF Basic Training cant beast it but you can beat it!!!

When I joined up I had been filled with scare storys by both my brother and my dad about how hard it would be and i would break and the such since they had both successfully become drivers in the army (ha) they thought I couldnt cut it in the forces they even bet me 50 quid that I wouldnt survive basic training.
Well determined to prove them wrong and with a little bit of knowledge on the forces gleaned from my years as a cadet ( ). I went and put my heart into my first ever proper drill lesson and you guessed it cocked up on my first day. The regiment sgt taking the drill lesson called halt we stopped he called right turn we turned and faced him and i think shit thats it im done for ahhh well just brace up and take the beasting so there I am waiting for this 4ft tall 6ft wide brick shithouse to give me a beasting and im watching him approach and he looked like evil personified so im crapping myself and he gets up to me and says in a real calm and easy going voice. "look lad you just put one foot wrong back there, if you do this instead of that you will nail it ok" then he walked off.
Theres me braced up ready for an almighty bollocking and im like ok who stole my beasting whats happened here. Needless to say it kept me on my toes all day because I thought it was like a grenade you know you pull the pin but the actual blowing up doesnt happen straight away I thought he was gonna jump out at me all of a sudden and give it me there and then.
But 7 weeks later I passed out of basic training and my parents came to see it and my brother showed up in his dress uniform to see it and the first words i said to my dad and brother were I believe you owe me some money and the same sgt who hadnt beasted me on that first day stood there with me and made them pay now that is justice

August 22nd, 2007  
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