A quote from the Soviet Army.

January 15th, 2013  

Topic: A quote from the Soviet Army.

The Army.
The Army is a place where men are made into soldiers, soldiers are made into fools, and fools are made into men.

Commentary: This is a peacetime quote by an army that has evolved during Cold War. The Russian military tradition values humor greatly; the Prisyaga cannot be read without a smirk, and upholding the discipline by any means often leads to a culture of
January 16th, 2013  
Well I guess I'll just represent the Honor of the Worker-Peasant Red Army here.

Для кого война, для кого - мать родна.
For whom - war, for whom - own dear mother.
March 1st, 2013  
The more I learned about the Army and the training, the more I understood that soldiers are never made into fools in a proper company: I think.
November 15th, 2014  
Sovjet have 2,5 million troops in first size and that was enough when United States take them down in 1989.

And in 1992 it where Russia again.
August 16th, 2016  

That's a nice quote u stated above.

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