Quote by Lewis B. Puller, LGen, USMC - Page 2

March 5th, 2011  
" If you can't hit em. You can't kill em."

Chesty on Marksmanship training.
July 24th, 2011  
I believe that I had heard Gen. Puller say "Retreat hell, were just fighting in the other direction". Is this accurate?
February 16th, 2013  
I prefer Major Everett Pope's (Medal of Honor, Commanding Officer Charlie Company, 1st Marines at Peleliu) assessment of Col. Puller's leadership of the 1st Marines at Peleliu in a 2005 interview:

"The adulation paid to him these days sickens me." and that Puller was:

"The greatest platoon leader in the history of the Marine Corps"

Lt.Col Ray Davis' 1st Battalion, 1st Marines suffered 71% casualties getting chewed up in the Umurbrogol Mountain defensive positions of the Japanese.

General Geiger had to order General Rupertus to withdraw the 1st Marines from the line on September 22nd and evacuate them to Pavuvu, and replace them with--HORRORS--Army troops of the 321st Infantry, 81st Division.