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July 4th, 2007  
Originally Posted by Chyllaxen
Well i talked to the Recriter, He Told me That Because im not 20 he cant Put 18 X-Ray in to my COntract yet, and me and him are gunna meet again thursday to then schedual a day for the ASVAB.

I just got back from my evening run, I ran on a local trail that is 8 miles round trip....16. I wont lie I didnt RUN it all, But i did end up seeing what was left of that apple......

Then just tell his non cooperative arse that you wonīt sign untill you are 20 and can get what you want in your contract.
And when you finally sign it will be with a different recruiter that is prepared to go that extra mile in getting you what you want.

If THAT **** doesnīt get him to change his tune, ask him if itīs waiverable.
Ask him to point out to you where it says you have to be 20 to get 18X..

Do not accept anything less then what you want.
You get ONE chance at this, get it on paper.
When you have signed, handshakes and friendly nods wont mean ****.

As for the running..
Did you just tell me you quit on me?
Did you just tell me that the little bump in the road were too long?
Go out NOW, get it done.
No excuses.

Never ever quit something you have decided to do.
I couldnīt care less about the time it takes you to negotiate that obstacle for now, times are movable via hard training.

Come back, report success.

July 7th, 2007  
I havent Quit anything, could anyone suggest a good pair of running shoes or should I just go get my combat boots out of the closet?

As for the recruiter, I told him Ill sign when he can put 18X-ray in my contract, not a day sooner.

Since he is being difficult it give me more time to workout and get my run time up and my pull ups to a nice number.

Thanks for all the help guys!
July 9th, 2007  
Get a different recruiter. There is no law about this. My lil bro went through a couple before he found one that wasn't an oxygen thief and then I'll be damned if **** didn't start to get taken care of most rickey tick.

DO NOT RUN IN COMBAT BOOTS. What's your budget for the shoes?
July 9th, 2007  
I got another recruiter who is actaully taking time to return my phone calls...

i can spend up to 150 max on shoes
July 11th, 2007  
Originally Posted by bulldogg

I see nothing about a minimum age here. Sounds like bovine manure. VERIFY everything a recruiter tells you. EVERYTHING.
There is a reference to a minimum age of 20 for the 18X MOS in the forums. I have searched the instruction but have yet to find it. Every decision made about individual requirements for a job/mos is based on a lot of factors but it all boils down to money. A minimum age requirement may be set because it was shown that those under a certain age have a higher propensity to fail. A course with a high failure rate is really bad for recruiting, "I was promised this and ended up with recruiter lied!" It is the same way ASVAB scores are set, you may see an increase in the minimum scores or even a decrease depending on final thru-put and analysis of those who are completing, failing and final numbers required.

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